Spotlight on a new member of our Professional Services Team

commercetools insights – Read, try, ask, repeat. Spotlight on a new member of our Professional Services Team

commercetools author image Stephanie Wittmann
Stephanie Wittmann
April 2019

commercetools does not only build a smart eCommerce platform. We are a group of visionary minds from diverse cultures and backgrounds, working across the globe, but connected by a shared passion to enable brands and retailers to create inspiring shopping experiences every single day. With a bunch of people starting at commercetools every month, today we want to do a special spotlight on a new member of our Professional Services Team, Thomas, to get to know more about his first 90 days, his drive to work for a software company.

Spotlight on a new member of our Professional Services Team

I’m Thomas, Technical Consultant as part of the Professional Services Team at commercetools.

We are microservices,

we are headless,

we are flexible.

So I need to know the platform and its possibilities very well. In order to do so, I spent the first few months by getting to know the platform and its mode of operation. I am assisting customers and partners to find the best way to connect their project to our platform to get the most out of their eCommerce. Ideally, the customer approaches us before he starts setting up his eCommerce project so I can assist with the data model and anything else in his project. That’s the way he can get the most out of the platform.

Your first 90 days at commercetools are over – how did you ramp up in your new role?

Thomas: Read, try, ask, repeat.

What turned out to be completely different compared to your expectations?

Thomas: Hm… where is the telephone on my desk? And … do I really not have to wear a suit?

Where does your drive come from to work in the tech industry?

Thomas: It is the future. I am very curious and don’t want to be cut off from the future.

What are your ambitions working in the eCommerce industry?

Thomas: It is a growing industry that is offering almost endless opportunities.

And as a Professional Services manager?

Thomas: The wish that customers can profit from eCommerce without having to be a programmer.

What are the biggest challenges that you meet?

Thomas: To keep pace with all the new things that come up and to overcome established ways of thinking and approaching things.

If you could change something in the IT industry what would it be?

Thomas: The bad image we have in some old offline industries that might not want or be able to switch their business model.

What would your job be if there were no IT?

Thomas: I would run a hotel probably.

Quick Facts

Describe yourself in three Hashtags

  • #unprejudiced

  • #curious

  • #traditionaltaekwondo

commercetools in three Hashtags

  • #fastforward

  • #unpretentious

  • #placetobe

What is eCommerce for you?

  • Pain and gain.

What are your daily must-haves?

  • Coffee in the morning.

  • Call with my wife during the day.

  • Dinner with the family.

Rather not?

  • Tomatoes, dishonest ‘bussi-bussi’-salutations, any temperature out of -15 to 25

What are you listening /watching/reading at the moment?

  • There is no special playlist for me. It is basically 80s and 90s pop and rock with a good portion of Jazz and Beatles.

  • Amazon and Netflix offer so many films and series that I rather watch the older ones now (House M.D., Monk, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother) and wait for recommendations of the newer ones that I can watch later.

  • Robert Harris, Intrige.

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commercetools author image Stephanie Wittmann
Stephanie Wittmann
April 2019

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