Talents don’t care what gender you are

commercetools insights – Talents Don’t Care What Gender You Are

commercetools author image Stephanie Wittmann
Stephanie Wittmann
Head of Communications & Content, commercetools
Published 21 March 2019

commercetools does not only build a smart eCommerce platform. We are a group of visionary minds from diverse cultures and backgrounds, working across the globe, but connected by a shared passion to enable brands and retailers to create inspiring shopping experiences every single day.

With International Women’s Day and Girls’ Day in March, we want to do a special spotlight on Women in Tech. People around the world are discussing ways to empower women to achieve all they can, so we are highlighting a member of our Talent Acquisition Team, Daniela, to get to know more about her drive to work for a software company recruiting global talents.

Talents don’t care what gender you are

I am Daniela, currently the Team Lead Talent Acquisition for our Berlin-based recruiting team.

I started in 2015, and since that day the company grew from about 40 employees in Germany to more than 170 worldwide. Our team covers global recruitment for all offices: Berlin, Munich, Jena, Amsterdam, London, Singapore and Durham, NC.

Our daily business is to find the needle in a haystack. We need to be quick and sensitive towards applicants to give them a unique 1st impression and to guarantee an excellent candidate experience. At the same time, we need to figure out if each person is a technical match and what their work ethic is like. We are internal consultants working closely with the management and board and consider ourselves a shield for the hiring teams to ensure they don’t spend too much time interviewing the wrong people.

This year we decided to focus more on junior talents and getting more females on board. We started combining both strategies: Our Talent Acquisition Team is engaging –- together with highly motivated female engineers – in external events such as Girls Hack or the annual Girls’ Day. These events are a great chance to reduce common cliches, fears and prejudices at a very young age. We also changed our mindsets and created new opportunities: We will be hosting talks about conscious and unconscious bias, women in tech, and female leaders to try and reduce the gender gap and raise awareness of these topics. We do our best to push female leadership development to the next level, to raise the number of female managers and to excite more female engineers to work at commercetools.

Quick Facts

What are the top three fun facts from your daily work?

  • #1: A horse trainer applying as an executive assistant for our U.S. office.

  • #2: A developer applying for a 6-digit salary who ended up asking for a free internship.

  • #3: An applicant who appeared only in boxer shorts in front of the laptop during his interview. Seems it was his first interview via Google Hangouts…? 🙂

Describe yourself in three Hashtags

  • #trufflepig

  • #workingmom

  • #cakelover

Describe People and Organization in three Hashtags

  • #extramile

  • #itsaboutyou

  • #heartachebox

commercetools in three Hashtags

  • #200%eCommerce

  • #lovelynerdclub

  • #bestcolleaguesever

What is eCommerce for you?

  • #nowitsAPI

  • #andcloudbased

  • #beforeitwasSHOES 🙂

What are you listening /watching/reading at the moment?

  • WORK RULES! (Laszlo Bock), JOY INC. – How We Built a Workplace People Love (Richard Sheridan) and the Wollmilchsau blog.

commercetools author image Stephanie Wittmann
Stephanie Wittmann
Head of Communications & Content, commercetools

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