Events don’t care what gender you are

commercetools insights – Events Don’t Care What Gender You Are

commercetools author image Stephanie Wittmann
Stephanie Wittmann
Head of Communications & Content, commercetools
Published 07 May 2019

commercetools does not only build a smart eCommerce platform. We are a group of visionary minds from diverse cultures and backgrounds, working across the globe, but connected by a shared passion to enable brands and retailers to create inspiring shopping experiences every single day.

People around the world are not only discussing the future of digital and predicting new trends, but there is also a huge movement to empower women in the tech industry. We want to highlight a new member of our team, our Event Manager Iohanna, to get to know more about her enthusiasm for lining up big shows, cozy cocktails and geeky meet-ups for a software company, as well as her daily must-haves and her thoughts on women in tech.

Events don’t care what gender you are

Hi I’m Iohanna, Event Manager at commercetools, and I’m responsible for the organization, implementation, and follow-up of national and European events. This means I organize our participation in conferences, trade shows, matchmaking events, meet-ups, internal events, hackathons and much more! I manage the events budget and the marketing activities around it (design, etc.). I speak directly with partners, speakers, retailers, event locations, and hotels…

You’ve completed your first 90 days at commercetools – How are you ramping up in your new role?

Iohanna: To be honest, the first 3 weeks were quite hard. After 20 months of being only a Mom, I started to work again in a new industry. I had to get to know new tools and a new vocabulary, like APIHeadlessMonolith… a whole new world just opened up to me.

Events don’t care what gender you are

Why are you interested in working in Tech, especially the eCommerce industry? And especially as a woman and a Mum!

Iohanna: Finding a part-time job is not that easy and commercetools offers a lot of flexibility. Home office, part-time in a great ambience with nice colleagues!

As a mum of twins, you started at commercetools part-time (20 hours). How is it different working in the Events department full-time compared to part-time?

Iohanna: I am working only five hours a day, and it’s so short. You have to be really efficient! Your colleagues also need to keep that in mind. I can’t participate in meetings or calls after 3.30pm. It’s hard to leave the office since my colleagues are still working but I know that my kids are waiting for me. So…

And what are the biggest challenges that you face?

Iohanna: Keeping track of the 15 events we are planning to attend, organizing our booth (80sqm) for the K5 with six of our partners – not easy to keep all of them in the loop and bring them together… We also have two events planned for customers and partners with 150 guests in Amsterdam. A lot of challenges but I love it.

Events don’t care what gender you are

What can a company do to encourage women in the tech sector?

Iohanna: Being family-friendly is key! And I can say that commercetools is the best example 🙂 My boss has three kids so he knows how my life looks like right now!

What tips would you give your younger self if you were to graduate today?

Iohanna: You don’t need 2 Masters! Just go to work!

How did a French girl end up in Berlin?

Iohanna: I am French, I used to say, 99% French and 1% German. My Grandfather was German, thus I’ve always been attracted to Germany since I was a kid. I learned German in school, went to Hamburg and Berlin as a teenager and came back to Berlin to do an internship. In 2008 I met a German guy and two years later we decided to move to Berlin! Love…

Quick Facts

Describe yourself in three Hashtags

  • #bepositive

  • #mumoftwins

  • #WantToSleepAgain

commercetools in three Hashtags

  • #youngspirit

  • #nicepeople

  • #international

What is eCommerce for you?

  • #stillconfusing

  • #MACH1

  • #shopping

What are your daily must-haves?

  • #smile

  • #eatchocolate

  • #cookformeandmyfamily

Rather not?

  • #drinkcoffee

  • #wearpants

What are you listening/watching/reading at the moment?

  • Some French podcast about life and relationships: Change ma vie

  • Netflix: The Blacklist

Stay tuned and visit our Events page!

commercetools author image Stephanie Wittmann
Stephanie Wittmann
Head of Communications & Content, commercetools

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