Inside commercetools' Green Week

Embracing sustainability: Inside the commercetools Planet Earth Alliance's Green Week

Michèle Kuhn
Michèle Kuhn
Global Social Media Manager, commercetools
Published 29 August 2023
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In an era where environmental concerns have become paramount, many companies are stepping up to make a positive impact on the planet. One shining example of this is the commercetools Employee Resource Group known as the Planet Earth Alliance (PEA). With a commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness, this group is not just a name but a powerful force, advocating for environmental stewardship within the company and beyond. One remarkable initiative that stands out is their recent Green Week, a week-long event that showcased their dedication to a greener future.

Inside commercetools' Green Week

Green Week: Nourishing minds and the planet

During Green Week, different commercetools offices around the world came together to organize "green lunches." And these weren't your ordinary office meals; they were carefully curated to be sustainable, vegan and focused on regional products. By promoting plant-based diets and sourcing locally, the PEA aimed to reduce their carbon footprint and support local farmers and producers.

The concept of these green lunches extends beyond just the food itself. It was a chance for employees to learn about the environmental impact of their dietary choices and to connect with colleagues who share a passion for sustainability. These lunches fostered a sense of community while simultaneously raising awareness about the importance of making conscious food choices.

Green week sustainable green lunch

Education meets entertainment: Quizzes and environmental trivia

In addition to the delicious and sustainable meals, the PEA organized quizzes and trivia sessions throughout the week. These activities were not only engaging and fun but also educated employees about various environmental topics. By mixing entertainment with education, the PEA effectively highlighted the importance of understanding our planet's challenges and the role each individual can play in creating positive change.

Here's a teaser of just some of the trivia questions that were asked. Did you already know the answers?

Q: What do you think, how much tons of plastic waste human Humans currently produce per year?
A: 350 million tons of plastic per year.

Q: What percentage of the world's species are at risk of extinction primarily due to human activities?
A: Nearly half of the world’s species are experiencing rapid population decreases. We are currently in the middle of the 6th mass extinction.

Growing Together: The Treedom Project

One of the most inspiring aspects of Green Week was the collaboration with Treedom, a platform that allows individuals and organizations to plant trees remotely. commercetools, through the PEA and other departments, began its own forest with Treedom. To date, commercetools has planted 300 trees, symbolizing the company's dedication to sustainability and its determination to make a lasting impact.

Trees are essential for a healthy planet, as they absorb carbon dioxide and provide vital habitats for countless species. By starting its own forest, commercetools demonstrated a profound commitment to not only "talk the talk" but "walk the walk" when it comes to environmental conservation.

Check out our commercetools forest

A green conversation with Treedom & Viva con Agua

As part of their efforts to spread awareness, the PEA organized a LinkedIn Live event called the "Green Conversation." This interactive discussion featured two impactful organizations, Treedom and Viva con Agua, known for their significant contributions to environmental causes. The conversation covered various topics related to sustainability, from reforestation efforts to the importance of clean water, inspiring employees and viewers alike to take meaningful actions towards a greener planet.

A green conversation with Treedom & Viva con Agua

Conclusion: A glimpse into the future

The Planet Earth Alliance's Green Week showcased the power of employee-driven initiatives in creating a more sustainable workplace and world. It's also a clear testament to commercetools' dedication to corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability. By fostering a culture of awareness, education and action, commercetools and the Planet Earth Alliance are leading the way for other companies to follow suit, showing that together, we can make a positive impact on the planet, one green initiative at a time.

As more companies recognize the importance of these initiatives, we can hope for a brighter and greener future — one where businesses play a crucial role in creating positive change for the planet.

Learn more about the PEA by reading the blog post Welcoming the Planet Earth Alliance ERG at commercetools.

Michèle Kuhn
Michèle Kuhn
Global Social Media Manager, commercetools

With a passion for leveraging social media to drive impactful engagement, Michèle combines her expertise in marketing strategy and digital trends to create compelling online experiences for commercetools' global audience. Additionally, she is the co-leader of the Planet Earth Alliance, spearheading initiatives that promote sustainability and environmental awareness within the organization and beyond.

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