Treedom customer story
Treedom Customer Story

How Treedom branched out to commercetools and successfully migrated to composable commerce in just 5 months

How Treedom branched out to commercetools and successfully migrated to composable commerce in just 5 months
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Founded in 2010 in Italy by Federico Garcea and Tommaso Speroni, Treedom's original mission focused on sustainability and tree growth. However, over the past 13 years, its mission has evolved to not only grow trees but also support local projects and communities. Treedom collaborates with NGOs and farming communities to establish thriving agroforestry systems that promote biodiversity. As a certified B-Corp since 2014, Treedom's business model generates environmental and community benefits. The company's dedication has garnered awards and investments, allowing it to accelerate tree-planting efforts and broaden its impact.
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The Challenge

Treedom's previous in-house built platform wasn't designed to handle stock management consistently or support concurrent carts and subsequent transactions easily. These mission-critical limitations significantly impacted Treedom's ability to maintain and scale operations. To accommodate its future growth plans, the company recognized it was essential to shift to a more robust and flexible commerce solution that could address its requirements of today — and the future.

The Solution

Treedom's specific requirements revolved around seamless integration with the GraphQL backend and React frontend, eCommerce design freedom for user experience enhancements and complex stock process management for its diverse range of trees sourced from around the world. By migrating to commercetools Composable Commerce, Treedom gained a highly flexible and customizable commerce solution that could support its unique business processes and accommodate future needs. 

The new solution enabled Treedom to manage multiple markets, currencies and price lists effortlessly. The use of commercetools APIs allowed Treedom to leverage the platform's extensive features and integrate them into its existing infrastructure seamlessly. Additionally, the native integrations with AWS and Terraform proved to be valuable assets for its serverless architecture and event-based infrastructure.

We are thrilled with the improvements brought by commercetools. One of the most significant benefits is our streamlined stock management, which is crucial for our operations and a major asset for our company. Previously, we would spend a considerable amount of time trying to reconcile our sales with our inventory, ensuring everything was aligned. Thanks to commercetools, this has become a seamless process, saving us valuable time and effort. Additionally, the promotional code engine has been a game-changer for both our team and end-users. It allows us to effortlessly create various promotional flows without having to manually implement complex logic.
Lorenzo Sfarra

Backend Developer, Treedom

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Why it was a success

Treedom's migration to commercetools was a resounding success, completing the project in just five months and surpassing expectations. With the support of commercetools and Treedom's dedicated team, which stands out with its remarkable agility, Treedom met its deadline and achieved a successful deployment before its Christmas campaign. The migration resulted in immediate tangible results, including comprehensive reporting, an order list and a functional dashboard that supported its business operations. The company experienced significant improvements in key metrics such as conversion rate, recurrent buyers, average order value, return on ad spend (ROAS) and average revenue per user (ARPU).

The migration to commercetools allowed Treedom to meet business needs faster, deliver expected features without constraints and achieve high performance with low response time. Customization and extension of the eCommerce system led to faster purchase funnels and increased revenues per user. Treedom is confident that with the flexibility of commercetools, it can seamlessly implement future business needs. The migration provided Treedom with a reliable and scalable solution, reducing customer care tickets and demonstrating the dedication of its team.

How Treedom branched out to commercetools and successfully migrated to composable commerce in just 5 months

commercetools features for Treedom


Simple cart and order processes streamline and speed up the purchasing experience.


Represents the sellable goods in an eCommerce project and efficiently maps them.


Can easily implement specific cart discounts to eligible customers.

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