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How commercetools is redefining the workplace with exceptional employee benefits

Roxana Dobrescu
Roxana Dobrescu
Chief People Officer, commercetools
Published 08 December 2023
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Welcome to the world of commercetools, where the essence of a supportive and inclusive work culture is seamlessly woven into the fabric of our organization. We take pride in being more than just a workplace; we are a community that nurtures growth, values diversity and constantly innovates to make our employees' lives better. In this blog, we'll delve into three of our standout benefits — our parental leave program, remote working policy and personal development fund.

Employee benefits

Parental leave plus: A global initiative for equal parental rights

What is it:

In a world where equality is a cornerstone, we've pioneered the global commercetools Family Leave Plus benefit. This innovative policy is a testament to our commitment to providing equal rights to all future parents, irrespective of gender or nationality. We go above and beyond statutory benefits by offering a substantial 26 weeks for the first caretaker and 10 weeks for the second caretaker, creating a more balanced and supportive environment for parents globally.

How it originated:

Initiated as a bottom-up project by our Women in Tech ERG, supported by the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) team, the Parental Leave Plus benefit is the result of a cross-functional project team's voluntary efforts. Comprising colleagues from legal, people, finance and marketing teams, this initiative reflects our collective dedication to fostering a workplace where everyone can thrive, both personally and professionally.

Who benefits:

The policy is not bound by gender or nationality, aiming to achieve a fair and equitable distribution of caregiving responsibilities. By recognizing and supporting both the first and second caretaker, we incentivize shared parenting responsibilities, promoting gender equality in the crucial early stages of a child's life.

Hear it from commercetoolers:

People will tell you to cherish those early moments with a newborn. They’ll say ‘Time will fly!’ whether your child is six months, two years or five years old. While many people ignore this conventional wisdom ━ it's true! Children grow up fast. I can’t overstate how amazing it was to have an employer that supported me in being there to witness those special moments without the headache of deadlines, work travel, and other commitments.
Michael Scholz

VP, Product & Customer Marketing, commercetools

Remote working bliss: Redefining work-life wellbeing

Embracing flexibility:

At commercetools, we understand that life happens beyond office walls. That's why our workation perk allows you to work from anywhere in the world for up to 60 business days! It brings flexibility, enabling productivity and creativity in new environments while being able to recharge.

Boosting productivity:

Research shows that flexible work arrangements enhance employee productivity and satisfaction. Our remote working policy is designed to cater to your individual needs, allowing you to strike the perfect balance between professional commitments and personal well-being. Say goodbye to long commutes and hello to a more efficient, harmonious work life.

Global collaboration:

Working remotely doesn't mean working in isolation. commercetools fosters a culture of collaboration through in-person and virtual meetings, shared platforms and open communication channels. Regardless of your physical location, you're always connected to a global team that thrives on diverse perspectives and concerted efforts.

Hear it from commercetoolers:

Through the remote work perk, I was able to take a break from London and work from France for two weeks. I found it to be a remarkable opportunity to deeply reconnect with my family and friends and make memories over an extended period instead of squeezing in meaningful moments into a few days. It also created a more harmonious blend between my professional responsibilities and my personal life.
Rim Amhaj

BDR, commercetools

As an expat in London, I’m often away from my family and friends based in my home country. Oftentimes at previous companies, seeing loved ones and visiting home was a brief once-a-year luxury that required me to use all of my vacation time. At commercetools, I feel incredibly lucky to be able to see them more often through our work abroad perk while fulfilling my professional responsibilities in a flexible way. I recently used the perk to spend a month working in India while creating memories with my family!
Ankita Verma

Product Marketing Manager, commercetools

Investing in your growth: The professional development fund

Nurturing developing: 

The commercetools professional development fund underscores our commitment to continuous learning. Whether mastering a new language, acquiring new skills, or participating in courses and trainings, this fund provides essential financial support to propel your professional journey forward.

Diverse opportunities: 

From professional courses to books, conferences, or professional memberships, commercetools invests in your growth with a diverse range of opportunities. The flexibility of the professional development fund ensures that you can tailor your growth journey according to your unique interests and professional aspirations.

Hear it from commercetoolers:

commercetools’ investment in my growth is diverse! Through the personal development fund, I am able to take courses on Coursera to develop professional skills across areas of interest. In addition, commercetools also gives us a high flexibility in selecting sports classes and after a long day at work, I can choose the activity that best suits my interests.
Natalia Hofmann

Office Manager, commercetools

commercetools’ professional development fund is my favorite benefit! Whether it's a new language or skill you’d like to learn or up-leveling existing areas of expertise ━ commercetools will support that. The investment into our development gives us an opportunity to grow within our roles and different areas that we get to identify.
Nina Batlak

Customer Success Operations Manager, commercetools

Become a commercetooler and benefit

Joining commercetools means becoming part of a dynamic, forward-thinking community that values your personal journey. With groundbreaking benefits like our parental leave, remote working and personal development policies, we're not just a workplace; we're a supportive ecosystem that adapts to your needs. Discover the unparalleled opportunities that await you at commercetools – where innovation meets inclusivity. 

Are you interested in becoming part of the commercetools team? Then take a look at our careers page to learn how you can become a commercetoolers.

Roxana Dobrescu
Roxana Dobrescu
Chief People Officer, commercetools

Roxana is a seasoned executive bringing two decades of corporate human resources and talent acquisition experience across multiple industries. She is leading global personnel efforts and shaping commercetools’ people-first strategy through fostering a best-in-class scalable experience for employees, developing meaningful talent acquisition strategies that advance equity commitments and driving the sustainability of an innovation-led culture that nurtures an environment of growth and progress.

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