Kmart customer story
Customer Possibility Story of how Kmart microservices-based eCommerce offers better customer experience and supports their digital strategy
Kmart Customer Story

How Kmart meets online shopping peaks with ease thanks to its microservices architecture.

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Kmart opened Australia’s first discount department store in Burwood, Victoria in 1969. Today, Kmart has more than 200 stores across Australia and New Zealand and is recognized as one of the most profitable discount department stores in Australia. The retail chain employs more than 30,000 people and has the vision to provide families with everyday products at the lowest prices.
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The Challenge

In order to provide a better experience to their customers and support their digital strategy, Kmart needed to migrate to a platform that would deliver greater flexibility, agility, and scalability. The new platform also needed to be easy to work with, particularly when it came to integration with a hybrid microservices architecture.

As an iconic Australian retailer recognized for its service and convenience, Kmart’s combination of headless and microservices will provide it with a significant competitive advantage in the local retail market.
Vicki Miller

GM of Digital Technology, Kmart Australia

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The Solution

Kmart has embarked upon a complete migration of their commerce solution to an entirely cloud-based offering. By leveraging the serverless capabilities of their cloud partner, with a composable and microservice-based architecture – all underpinned by commercetools – Kmart is quickly realizing the business benefits of their new approach to technology.

How the journey is continuing

With a number of successful internal launches of the new platform under their belt, Kmart is continuing to drive organizational and technology change to deliver a best-of-breed, future-proof, scalable approach to commerce that will enable the retailer to meet the increased demands of online shopping across Australia and New Zealand.

Kmart migrated to best-of-breed, future-proof, scalable digital commerce that can handle increased demands of online shopping

commercetools features for Kmart

Commerce in the Cloud

Platform reliability places focus on regular feature deployments.


Can quickly launch experiments like in-store inventory tracking robots connected to the platform.

Cart and Orders

Develop simpler cart and order processes to streamline the buying experience.

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