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Purple Customer Story

How a fast-growing mattress company found comfort by embracing composable commerce

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Like a lot of startups, Purple Innovation Inc., which calls itself a comfort technology company, initially launched on a monolithic eCommerce platform that provided the basic tools necessary to enable online sales. This choice allowed the team to focus on putting operating processes in place, creating additional bedding products, building the brand and growing the business. The company also chose a developer-based legacy CMS tool to power its frontend. It didn’t take long before the unique product and selling proposition Purple offered captured consumer interest. The quick success surprised the company — thankfully, instead of losing more sleep over lost sales, composable commerce helped ensure Purple could continue to dream big.
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The Challenge

Founded in 2015 by two brothers, the company launched its online business in 2017. Less than two years later, leadership realized the commerce platform couldn’t sufficiently scale to meet their continuously evolving marketing and promotional needs. Thankfully, they identified commercetools and chose its composable commerce platform as the best fit for their existing and future needs.

The Solution

commercetools recommended Purple bring in DMI, one of their premier SI partners, to spearhead implementation of the project. The DMI  team rose to the task, quickly formulating a plan of action to ensure the company was prepared for the upcoming holiday season. 

Ultimately, by collaborating closely with Purple leadership, the team was able to launch a MVP in 8 months, enabling the company to capture lucrative gift sales.

After launching that project, the next step was putting a strategic plan in place to implement the additional initiatives necessary for the brand to fully leverage the power and scalability of commercetools.

A few years ago, many of our strategic plans were controlled by the capabilities of our commerce platform. Today, our commercetools solution gives us flexibility, agility and scalability to initiate any vision we have — and the improved site performance has been nothing short of a game changer for us.
James R. Drake

VP, eCommerce, Purple Innovation

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Why it was a success

Purple’s new checkout experience was built on an aggressive schedule to be ready in early October 2019. When launch day arrived, confidence levels were so high that 100% of the traffic was moved within a week — fully transitioning the company away from its legacy eCommerce platform. This allowed DMI to sunset its old CMS and remove all reliance on the legacy system. Today, Purple has the scalability and flexibility needed to enable growth.

Purple is continuing to maximize its investment by developing features for product display pages and further configuring its in-house promo engine.

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commercetools features for Purple

Unified Cart

Gives granular control over ordering and bundling, pricing, discounts, currencies and shipping— managing everything in one place across multiple channels and touchpoints.

Catalog Management

commercetools integrated PIM (Product Information Management) capabilities allow Purple to define and organize all product data and imagery, delivering a better overall user experience.

Order Management

Enables and tracks every step of an order from the moment a purchase is completed to the time the customer receives it to ensure a frictionless customer experience.

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