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Danone Possibility Story

How Danone built a headless commerce architecture and a highly scalable cloud-native solution.

Customer Possibility Story of how Danone developed their cloud-native, headless digital commerce
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Danone is a leading global food and beverage company built on 4 businesses: Essential Dairy and Plant-Based Products, Waters, Early Life Nutrition and Medical Nutrition. With products sold in over 120 markets, the company portfolio includes brands present worldwide such as Activia, Actimel, Alpro, Volvic, Evian and more.
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The Challenge

As a multi-brand food corporation, Danone needed a flexible data model for their localized projects and D2C business model.

The Solution

With the headless commerce architecture and highly scalable cloud-native platform of commercetools, Danone found the flexible data model that they needed to meet their business goals.

We were stuck in the past, with very monolithic decisions having to be made. So we decided to switch to a MACH architecture, which allows us to be modular, to pull components in and out. Fundamentally, we are building a modular system, we are making impactful choices for commerce and we absolutely put commercetools at the heart of this.
Luke O’Connell

Global Enterprise Solutions Manager, Danone

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Why it was a success

Danone was granted access to best-in-class technology solutions at a cost that all markets could afford. The global core technology assets were placed at a content, profile and data level, and local activation decisions were put in the hands of the markets to customize to fit their specific business needs and capabilities.

Danone's new digital commerce offers them the flexible data model that they needed to meet their business goals

commercetools features for Danone


Flexibility to offer different types of pricing, discounts and subscriptions for brands with different products.

Global Platform

Single platform with a market template and localization enabled a phased global roll-out.

PIM (Product Information Management)

Limitless customization to store any range of products offered by Danone's brands.

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