We are delighted to welcome Eurail as a new customer in the Netherlands. The company is a member of the European rail network and, among other things, offers the well-known Interrail tickets worldwide. Travelers can not only find inspiration on the Eurail.com website but can also learn about the different countries and book the desired trips directly.

To be able to present engaging content across all touchpoints and to develop its website quickly and in an agile way, Eurail relies on a combination of the commercetools platform and the CMS Adobe Experience Manager. The company beat two birds with one stone: Firstly, Eurail can quickly develop new functions and bring them online at record speed with the flexible microservice platform provided by commercetools. On the other hand, with the Adobe Experience Manager, content editors have a powerful tool available to organize copy images and videos for all channels.

This project is another example of the successful collaboration between commercetoolsAdobe, and the implementation partners tricode and Valtech. Currently, individual functions and areas are being moved to the new platform step by step; the complete relaunch is planned for the summer of 2018.