Munich (Germany) / Amsterdam (Netherlands), March 19, 2018 – The commercetools platform – especially in combination with the Adobe Experience Cloud – offers shopping experiences on all channels, which users can enjoy at any time and at any touchpoint, and which stay in users’ memories. The platform’s microservices can be combined in a modular way, meaning they can be adapted to meet the needs of any enterprise. Retailers remain agile thanks to the modern and lean architecture and are able to expand their online retailing with additional services.

The more comprehensive the experience for the end customer, the more important it becomes to have good advice about which e-commerce solutions make sense for a company. This makes it even more fortunate that the team in the new commercetools branch in Amsterdam now directly can engage with customers, prospects and partners in the region on-site. Steven Fockema Andreae has taken on running the day to day business at the branch office. He brings more than 15 years of experience in the areas of new business development and sales strategy, was country director for the Apsis marketing automation platform, and introduced the Hippo commercial open-source content management system to the German and English markets. Further, he set up the Hippo partner ecosystem. That CMS has now become part of the BloomReach digital experience platform.

“Our partnerships with Adobe and BloomReach makes our e-commerce solution the right one for companies that would like to offer their users a unique and individual experience and also keep full control of their frontend,” says Fockema Andreae, explaining the commercetools concept. “It’s possible to move smoothly from a rigid monolith to our granular, agile solution by gradually introducing microservices. There is not an abrupt break from the old to the new system, but instead a flowing transition to the commercetools platform.”

This uncomplicated usage has already impressed many companies in the Benelux region. Users already include firms such as the Eurail railway company, the photobook manufacturer Albelli, and the machining specialist Von Ommen. Well-known agencies and software consultants have now incorporated commercetools into their portfolios and rely on the flexibly scalable e-commerce platform when consulting with their customers.

“We are already doing outstanding work with consultants from companies such as Valtech, Osudio, foryouandyourcustomers and Incentro,” announces Udo Rauch, Chief Sales Officer and Managing Director at commercetools, with satisfaction. “With the new office in Amsterdam, the consulting strength on-site will be more direct in the future. A strong expert network for all sectors will bring the e-commerce solutions of tomorrow directly to companies in Benelux, the UK, and Scandinavia.”

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