Munich (Germany) / Dallas, TX (USA), October 9, 2019 – commercetools, a leading commerce platform for next-generation commerce, and Mastek Inc., formerly TAISTech, have entered into a formal partnership agreement to deliver digital transformation software and services to businesses across the globe.

Mastek will offer the commercetools API-based commerce platform as well as advisory and implementation services to global B2C and B2B companies seeking to migrate off their monolithic commerce architectures to a more flexible, agile design.  The partners will air a video podcast titled “Transform Your Commerce Platform: Move From the Monolith to Microservices Architecture“ on November 13th at 11 am CST with Nancy Jay as host. 

With an aim to continue offering cutting edge solutions in the fast-paced and highly competitive eCommerce landscape, Mastek Inc., joins an elite group of digital transformation companies able to help businesses implement a blueprint and solution for modern commerce that lets them provide compelling customer experiences.

The commercetools platform is deployable as a set of consumable commerce-related microservices that connect to any front-end UI or DXP and any back-end business systems. Each commerce microservice can be independently updated or modified to enable new channels, new business processes, or new devices about four times faster than traditional all-in-one monolithic commerce platforms. 

“Commerce Transformation is a critical component of the digital transformation strategy of our clients as they look to deliver an exceptional customer experience to their end consumers. Leveraging the commercetools framework we deliver a comprehensive commerce platform enabling organizations to deliver the transformative customer experiences brands need to drive revenue growth and cultivate loyalty in the experience economy,” said Raman Sapra, President of Mastek, Americas. “This partnership broadens our commerce platform offering allowing us to better serve our customers in the digital era.”

“Mastek is a respected digital transformation player, having built a reputation for delivering commerce solutions to a number of world-renowned brands,” Arthur Lawida, president of commercetools, Inc. said. “We are happy to have them join us on our quest to give retailers and brands a competitive edge in the fast-moving ecommerce industry.”

About Mastek Inc., formerly TAISTech
Mastek Inc., formerly known as TAISTech, imagines, creates, and delivers exceptional commerce experiences that bond customers to your brand, drives revenue growth, and cultivates loyalty. Wherever there is a customer touchpoint, we create a connection. Powered by customer journey mapping and Mastek’s Surround Commerce framework, we create compelling, memorable digital solutions for B2C and B2B companies.