Deeper cloud-native technology integration and wider business collaboration supports customers rapid expansion and innovation

Munich (Germany), March 24, 2021 – commercetools, a global leader in next-generation commerce software, today announced it is expanding its availability on the Google Cloud Marketplace. By making commercetools available on Google Cloud Marketplace, brands and retailers will benefit from deeper product integration, unified billing and an expanded go-to-market relationship to better serve their needs globally.

Historically, commercetools has been cloud vendor agnostic, but it increasingly became clear to commercetools that Google Cloud best meets customers’ needs and ambitions. 

commercetools sees a deepened relationship with Google Cloud as empowering more of its customers to design unique and engaging digital commerce experiences everywhere with the Google Cloud Console and Marketplace.

The new partnership will simplify and integrate billing for joint customers. Brands and retailers will be able to purchase commercetools via the Google Cloud Marketplace. commercetools and Google Cloud will partner on go-to-market efforts, including making it easier for customers to run and scale commercetools on Google Cloud.

Dirk Hoerig, Co-Founder and CEO commercetools

Dirk Hoerig, CEO and co-founder, commercetools

Dirk Hoerig, CEO and co-founder, commercetools said: “We have built our own business on Google Cloud so have a powerful insight into the value of its platform and infrastructure for creating successful digital businesses. Like us, our customers need the very best cloud resources to customise their commerce applications and infrastructure. By deepening our collaboration with Google Cloud and becoming a commerce solution on Google Cloud Marketplace, we have made it even easier for our customers to select GCP as their cloud platform to drive their own business growth with commercetools.”

Carrie Tharp, VP Retail and Consumer, Google Cloud

Carrie Tharp, VP Retail and Consumer, Google Cloud

“We are excited that commercetools will make its eCommerce solution available on Google Cloud,” said Carrie Tharp, VP Retail and Consumer at Google Cloud. “The Google Cloud Marketplace makes it very easy for retailers and brands to deploy commercetools at global scale, helping them deliver exceptional digital experiences for consumers.”