Work faster and better by contextualizing information surrounding your product, allowing you to compartmentalize products by country, channel, and store – plus define bundles and combinations easily.

commercetools Features Context

Main benefit of context The even more powerful way of working with products

Working with many different channels is part of commerce today. It’s a web of complexity, which is where our context feature comes in. It supports multiple channels by managing assortments and use cases that require separation of data by different criteria.

Simplify data relationships
Save time mapping how different data sets interact with one another

Context takes the work out of micromanaging and using resource-intensive workarounds to establish data relationships.

Separation by regions
Maintain differing product data across sales outlets

Context lets you set different pricing per channel and inventory per warehouse, so you can work with product subsets easily.

Better organized pricing
Less data usage and easier maintenance using context

Improve performance and save time by eliminating steps required to manage pricing based on stores and channels.

Enhanced data filtering
Focus on reading and using data, not organizing it

Powerful filtering automates the management of data and the relationships between variables to increase your productivity.

Store assortments
Manage different sets and subsets of product data

Create product assortments by channels, store locations, countries, and more as subsets of a single master catalog.

More functionality
Enhance the way your stores operate

Context is powerful for managing store-specific product info, discounts, payments, and more in the way your business works.

Expand your horizons What is possible with context?

Maintain your global presence, maximize productivity

Unique to commercetools, context is a powerful feature that takes the manual work out of managing complex data relationships, saving you time and money. Sell variations of products across borders, locations and channels while maintaining it all with minimal effort and cost.

commercetools Features Context Global presence

Powerful product segmentation

While commerce is becoming increasingly globalized, keeping data local as part of compliance/regulations and varying consumer needs is pushing the creation of product variations that differ across markets. With context, you can get the right data into the right places.

commercetools Features Context Product Segmentation

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