White Paper Best-of-Breed Search in a Headless Commerce Environment

by Constructor.io and commercetools

white paper best-of-breed search in a headless commerce environment

About the White Paper

Customer experience has become the make-or-break for eCommerce companies in today's digital landscape, and no one has the patience for an experience that works differently on every device. It's been proven again and again that a disconnected or unfamiliar customer experience will always cause abandonment.

Headless commerce offers a solution: the key to greater agility and customization. However, for large enterprises, deciding to "go headless" also requires rigorous analysis. In this white paper, we highlight the key steps in planning a platform migration, as well as new ways to imagine search and product discovery that will likely make this your #1 priority in modernizing your commerce functions.

Key Takeaways

  • Why companies are evaluating headless.

  • Common problems that are solved by headless.

  • The business benefits of headless.

  • Adopting a best-in-class headless commerce approach.


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