Frictionless B2B Customer Experience Guide

Frictionless B2B Customer Experience Guide

by commercetools & Constructor

Frictionless B2B Customer Experience Guide

About the Guide

Growing revenue with optimized product discovery, AI-based search and composable commerce

As B2B commerce continues to evolve, how can manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers create a frictionless customer experience from product discovery to checkout and beyond? 

This guide explores the fundamentals of how to unlock the value of digital commerce throughout the B2B buyer journey, encompassing product discovery, AI-powered search, checkout, and more. 

With practical tips and helpful use cases, learn how you can optimize every aspect of your eCommerce, starting now.  

Key Takeaways

  • Valuable insights into optimizing your product discovery and search processes, complete with fundamentals and practical tips for your business. 

  • What’s composable commerce and why it plays such a pivotal role in crafting frictionless B2B experiences. 

  • Best practices for establishing a robust B2B digital commerce landscape leveraging composability. 

  • Uncover how the convergence of generative AI and B2B customer experiences can take your digital commerce to the next level.