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Break out of the Salesforce maze

by commercetools

About the Handout

commercetools and CloudCraze Comparison 

Salesforce will no longer be updating the original CloudCraze commerce platform (Version 1). This signals a forced migration to the new CloudCraze commerce platform (Version 2) in development, with reduced functionality and running on completely different platforms with different backend and data sources. Which puts a big hole in the Salesforce claim for customer 360.

Would you rather replatform to a stagnated brand and legacy vendor which has resorted to buying their innovativeness, or migrate to a modern commerce pioneer and industry leader?

As the industry moves away from legacy commerce suites, commercetools is uniquely positioned to offer you the advantages of a "best of breed" solution. Having pioneered a headless, cloud-native approach to digital commerce, commercetools ensures:

  • Trailblazing headless technology.

  • Fast & agile development.

  • Unmatched flexibility that eliminates dependency on the vendor platform.

  • An extensive partner network.

  • A catalogue of over 300 customizable APIs that allows you to create effortless digital experiences.


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