ebook with divante on composable commerce
White Paper

commercetools – Composable Commerce, Reference Architecture

by divante and commercetools

commercetools White Paper: Composable Commerce, Reference Architecture

About the White Paper

Composable Commerce White Paper in Collaboration with Divante

There’s no doubt that headless, microservices-based and cloud-native architecture has changed eCommerce software for good. So why exactly choose commercetools for your new eCommerce platform?

We’d like to start a discussion with this eBook and draft the reference architecture for commercetools deployments. It's not a full overview of all available options, but rather a quick-win; a solid and recommended boilerplate for new projects you’re starting on the commercetools platform. More than that, it’s meant to show you the right direction to take for your own research and experimentation.

Key Takeaways

  • Using your own vs. buying services for eCommerce.

  • The ecosystem of composable commerce.

  • 3 key features of commercetools.

  • Unified eCommerce frontends.

  • Custom domain and integration services and apps.


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