The Data-Centric Commerce Guide
White Paper

The Data-Centric Commerce Guide

by commercetools and MongoDB

The Data-Centric Commerce Guide

About the White Paper

The ultimate guide to leveraging data in modern commerce experiences

Brands and retailers are confronted with the urgency to  connect and personalize every touchpoint in the customer journey — but how can you make this omnichannel vision a reality? 

Data management is at the heart of digital commerce and is the key to unlocking the personalized and omnichannel experiences consumers look for. 

In this guide, learn how to leverage real-time analytics and orchestrate data without limits with commercetools Composable Commerce and MongoDB Atlas, so you’re ready to personalize customer experiences at scale. 

Key Takeaways

  • An overview of data-centric commerce for omnichannel and personalized customer experiences. 

  • The benefits of using commercetools with MongoDB Atlas, such as flexible data modeling and elastic scalability. 

  • How MACH-based architecture enables modern data-centric commerce to come to life with maximum flexibility, agility and speed. 

  • How Ulta Beauty manages an incredible amount of data with ultra-low latency to upsell and cross-sell effectively across multiple channels. 


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