New online checkout solution: commercetools Checkout

Celebrate good times: commercetools Checkout is here so you can build your checkout experiences faster than ever!

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Hassam Hameed
Product Marketing Manager, commercetools
Published 09 May 2023
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As a leading portfolio company, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of digital commerce products and solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses. Our flagship product, commercetools Composable Commerce, has already helped countless businesses thrive in today's dynamic marketplace. And with the addition of commercetools Frontend and Composable Commerce for B2B, we're committed to helping even more businesses succeed. But that's not all — now, we're thrilled to announce the launch of our newest product, commercetools Checkout, which is already set to revolutionize the checkout experience.

New online checkout solution: commercetools Checkout

Online checkout implementation may seem like a simple task, but don't be fooled — it's a deceptively complex process. Customers can come to the checkout page from vastly different touchpoints, such as email, scanning a QR code, clicking on an ad and more. The convergence of these different touchpoints and third-party applications, like product catalog, order, price, cart, payment service provider and other components, all come together at checkout, making it a crucial point in the digital commerce journey. 

What's more, it's not just about developing an online checkout UI, but also integrating with a payment service provider and ensuring security and performance. Doing this correctly, securely and efficiently requires a lot of time and effort, but the payoff is worth it — an enhanced commerce experience at checkout will leave your customers feeling satisfied and coming back for more. That's why we've created our latest product: commercetools Checkout, so you can build checkout experiences faster and easier than ever.  

So, get ready to experience flexibility and speed like never before. commercetools Checkout provides businesses with a complete checkout process to impress customers while seamlessly integrating with commercetools Composable Commerce. But the benefits don't end there.

Open the floodgates to conversion opportunities

With commercetools Checkout, you can also differentiate your brand and drive sales by inserting commerce everywhere. Transform packaging into customer inspiration, turn landing pages and microsites into shopping channels and make every app experience an opportunity to purchase. Say hello to a whole new world of commerce possibilities!

Here are some of the innovative ways you can use commercetools Checkout to increase conversions:

  • Use QR codes on packaging that are linked to specific products to be transferred directly to the checkout process.

  • Make landing pages and microsites shoppable with a "buy now" button so customers can directly checkout without leaving the experience.

  • Easily turn mobile apps into shopping apps — which are historically difficult to add a purchasing function to.

  • Roll out checkout country by country with configuration instead of implementing pre-built APIs, allowing for faster expansion into new markets.

  • Turn emails and customer interactions into instant conversions.

  • Enable customers to instantly buy tickets for events by using QR codes on seats for instant conversions.

This is all possible due to our pre-integration with commercetools Composable Commerce APIs that allow you to seamlessly turn any digital touchpoint into a sales channel, making it easy to enable commerce at any point in the customer journey. And with its headless architecture, commercetools Checkout speeds up time to market and opens up new markets, so you can easily migrate checkout experiences to existing AND emerging digital channels.

Put online checkout anywhere

Put your time-to-market on the fast track

Don't waste your valuable time on the complexities of integrating online checkout systems. Thanks to commercetools Checkout, you can simplify your checkout process seamlessly by integrating it into your existing digital commerce system built on commercetools Composable Commerce — so implementing the checkout functionality is a breeze. 

This translates to you getting your products to market faster all while delivering a superior checkout process to customers in a frictionless and cost-effective way. Plus, with growing options of pre-built integrations with recognized PSPs (payment service providers), like Adyen and Worldpay, you have the flexibility. to customize the checkout experience according to your needs.

One of the major benefits of commercetools Checkout is that it frees up your development resources by up to 80% to focus on other areas of the customer experience. That's a significant amount of resources that can be relocated to other priority work to achieve your business goals. You'll be able to break free from the limitations of checkout implementation so you can focus on what truly differentiates you from your competitors — providing a smooth and personalized shopping experience to your customers.

Faster time-to-market with commercetools Checkout

In perfect harmony with commercetools Composable Commerce

We've designed commercetools Checkout to work in tandem with commercetools Composable Commerce. Built on our MACH® principles, with commercetools Checkout, you can expect flexibility, scalability and extensibility right out of the box. And with pre-built integration with the commercetools Composable Commerce APIs, it's easy to configure payment methods and personalize the online checkout experience using rule-based routing. Furthermore, commercetools Checkout has the ability to personalize payment methods directly from the commercetools Merchant Center. This enables businesses to easily configure and optimize their payment methods to suit their unique needs. 

Ultimately, commercetools Checkout is the ideal solution for businesses looking to enhance their checkout experience and open up limitless commerce possibilities. By seamlessly integrating with commercetools Composable Commerce, commercetools Checkout simplifies the checkout implementation process, frees up development resources and puts businesses on the fast track to market, as well as enables turning any digital touchpoint into a sales channel. It's time to take your checkout experience to the next level and unlock a world of commerce possibilities.

Learn more about why you should be integrating commercetools Checkout into your digital commerce system by contacting us today.

Hassam Hameed headshot
Hassam Hameed
Product Marketing Manager, commercetools

Hassam has been in the commerce space since he graduated university, loving the fast pace and modern way of working with tech companies within commerce. He started as a recruiter, but the curiosity of understanding what every department does brought him to product marketing as it sits right in the middle of sales, marketing and product.

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