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commercetools Composable Commerce for B2B combines the agility and scalability of MACH™ architecture with the flexibility of a robust API portfolio, enabling you to create a solution that fits your needs, no matter the size or complexity of your business.

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What is composable commerce?

When Gartner® coined the term ‘composable commerce’ in 2020, they defined it as a development approach enabling businesses to “leverage packaged business capabilities (PBCs) to move toward future-proof commerce.”  

commercetools uses the term to explain how we build and offer our products. Basically, by providing an open, flexible, API-first environment, our customers have the freedom to select and integrate best-of-breed components (aka PBCs) — and can swap them out at any time, whenever those needs change.

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The commercetools solution gave us the flexibility we needed to ensure the constant growth of our systems. It is in line with our strategy to be able to grow in a modular and flexible manner in order to be able to ideally reflect the demands of our customers.
Martin Müntjes

Head of Marketing & Digital Sales, TROX


Compose commerce your way

The days of working around the rigid parameters of a legacy platform are over. With the decoupled, flexible environment commercetools provides, you can easily automate buying processes and streamline operations, as well as customize and extend functionalities based on product specifications, sales processes and the purchasing journey of your customers.

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Why commercetools Composable Commerce for B2B?

Transform your business with composable MACH® architecture

The agile and flexible environment provides you with the freedom to turn ideas into reality and continually meet buyer expectations.

Increase revenue-generating opportunities

The composable approach enables you to add new revenue streams, experiment with innovative features and easily scale as you grow.

Maximize operational efficiencies

MACH® empowers you to streamline processes — lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) and increasing ROI across the board.

Leverage a best-in-class partner ecosystem

Wide network of best-in-class service and integration partners committed to supporting your journey to modern commerce. 

Transform your business with composable MACH® architecture

Empower both technical and non-technical teams across your organization to drive technology-led innovation.

  • Rapidly respond to market changes; pivot between B2B, B2C and D2C strategies without risk
  • Enable rapid development with language-agnostic architecture and frameworks
  • Deliver modern buying experiences across all channels and add new touchpoints at any time
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Increase revenue-generating opportunities

MACH® offers the freedom to experiment and capitalize on revenue-generating opportunities quickly and without risk.

  • Drive conversions with streamlined processes, improved data availability, and new features and promotions
  • Add marketplace services, i.e. subscriptions, to generate revenue, increasing shareholder value
  • Rapidly respond to GTM trends plus launch products and expand into business models without risk
  • Handle commerce spikes with ease, deploy new products and localize (region/ language/ currency) at scale
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Maximize Operational Efficiencies

With more control over your commerce solution you can implement cost-saving strategies that deliver tangible results.

  • Replace manual order processes with workflow automations and system integrations
  • Transform existing products and services into digital products, reducing the human interaction required to drive sales
  • Redistribute teams to more revenue-generating activities
  • Capitalize on autoscaling and automatic upgrade benefits of cloud-native architecture to deliver lower TCO
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Leverage a best-in-class partner ecosystem

Vendors with expertise and experience in delivering composable commerce solutions, helping businesses accelerate innovation and increase speed to market.

  • Over 175 implementation partners across EMEA, US, and APAC, with industry, business model and regional expertise
  • Agencies and system integrators that support organizational transformation, ensuring meaningful results across the board
  • Guidance in choosing the right partners and accelerators, and connecting you with a global community of developers
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B2B Customers who already use composable commerce

In 2020, Dawn Foods boldly entered the online sales game, launching a composable commerce solution. Within the first two months, 50% of their buyers had set up online accounts. Today, eCommerce accounts for over 25% of sales.

Dawn Foods Possibility Story
Down Food's Possibility Story

commercetools flexibility, scalability, and customization capabilities enable the largest steel manufacturer in India to sell thousands of steel products in countless configurations by weight, grade, and length, while at the same time supporting business growth and continually adapting as commerce and consumers evolve.

JSW One Possibility Story
Customer Possibility Story of how JSW One migrated to the commercetools' solution the scale one of the biggest markets in the world

By embracing composable commerce, the Swiss sanitary technology company has been able to give access to its entire product range to wholesalers, tradespeople, architects and consumers, providing all audiences with an easier, more intuitive shopping experience.

Geberit Possibility Story
Geberit Possibility Story