New online checkout solution: commercetools Checkout

Enable commerce everywhere & speed up time to market with commercetools Checkout

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Hassam Hameed
Product Marketing Manager, commercetools
Published 09 June 2023
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Unlock the benefits of a headless implementation without compromising on time to market or flexibility for your shoppers' journeys. With commercetools Checkout built on commercetools Composable Commerce, retailers and brands can seamlessly create and deliver digital storefronts and checkout experiences while enjoying the freedom to innovate in the backend. From the first touchpoint to the final purchase, effortlessly manage customer relationships by harnessing the power of a headless architecture, enabling both developers and business users to drive innovation and optimize merchandising efforts.

New online checkout solution: commercetools Checkout

How commercetools Checkout facilitates commerce everywhere

In today's dynamic market, it's crucial that brands seize every touchpoint as a potential sales channel — which is exactly what commercetools Checkout does. Imagine creating a QR code or microsite and configuring it to become a "buy now" button by simply creating a cart with specific products like red shoes in size 52 or contact lenses. When a buyer scans the QR code or clicks the button, they are seamlessly directed to a checkout page with a convenient UI, guiding them through the purchase process.

The landscape of consumer connections has evolved beyond a traditional eCommerce site, and today it encompasses a multitude of channels and opportunities for purchase. commercetools Checkout recognizes this shift, addressing distributed and non-linear customer relationships by providing a drop-in checkout experience. This means that any digital touchpoint, whether it's a social media post, a blog or a mobile app, can instantly become a point of sale, driving conversions and customer loyalty. Through simply adding the SDK to the desired checkout experience, developers can initialize a complete checkout through configuration, rather than code.

By implementing commercetools Checkout in a headless setting, you redefine where the checkout process can take place within the shopping journey. This flexibility allows you to tailor the commerce experience and strategically introduce your customers to the checkout step at the most impactful moments, ensuring a more engaging and seamless shopping journey.

Additionally, migrating the checkout experience to both existing and emerging digital channels expands your addressable markets, opens up new avenues to connect with customers and maximizes sales potential. With commercetools Checkout, you can adapt to changing consumer behaviors and preferences, capturing sales opportunities wherever they arise and elevating your business by transforming every interaction into a lifelong customer. 

How commercetools Checkout speeds up time to market

We understand that every moment counts when it comes to your business, so we make accelerating time to market is a top priority. That's why we provide pre-integrations through commercetools Composable Commerce APIs along with leading payment service providers (PSPs), which can significantly reduce your development efforts by a staggering 80%. Our pre-integrations, which are aligned with our headless architecture, are designed to seamlessly connect with leading payment service providers, so you can expedite your go-to-market timeline and get your business up and running much more quickly.

You will also benefit from a significant reduction in API calls, streamlining your checkout process and improving performance. Instead of dealing with a multitude of API calls, commercetools Checkout efficiently brings it down to just three. In other words, with just three API calls, developers can integrate a checkout experience.

Looking to further accelerate your time to market? Consider adding commercetools Frontend to the commercetools Composable Commerce and Checkout bundle. With commercetools Frontend,  you combine the three critical components of a commerce business , resulting in an even faster go-to-market strategy. 

How commercetools Checkout makes your life easier

Maintaining a seamless checkout experience shouldn't be a burden on your business. That's why commercetools Checkout takes care of the technical aspects, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: Delivering an outstanding customer experience and expanding your business. Say goodbye to the days of juggling code libraries and infrastructure maintenance — we handle all that heavy lifting for you.

To begin with, creating a streamlined, one-page checkout has never been easier. With commercetools Checkout, you can effortlessly design a frictionless checkout process without the need for extensive development work. Our solution streamlines the development process, saving you valuable time and effort. And, if you ever need to switch to a different supported PSP, it's only a matter of configuration. No complex coding or time-consuming integrations required.

Furthermore, when moving into new markets, your maintenance efforts will be greatly reduced. You can easily localize the checkout experience by displaying local currencies, automating regional tax calculations and providing multi-language support. With rule-based routing, you can tailor your checkout even further. Set specific payment methods to appear based on country or language settings, enhancing conversion rates and tailoring the experience to your business needs.

But that's not all. commercetools Checkout offers a comprehensive solution that covers all your needs while reducing the burden of maintenance. From supporting discounts and promo codes to providing flexible shipping methods, our product ensures that every aspect of the checkout process is taken care of now — and in the future. And rest assured, we continuously evolve our capabilities, introducing new features regularly to enhance the checkout experience with the latest proven functionality and seamless flows. With commercetools Checkout, you can put your business at the forefront of technology, and empower your teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive new sales.

To explore more about commercetools Checkout, visit our blog post commercetools Checkout is here so you can build your checkout experiences faster than ever!

Hassam Hameed headshot
Hassam Hameed
Product Marketing Manager, commercetools

Hassam has been in the commerce space since he graduated university, loving the fast pace and modern way of working with tech companies within commerce. He started as a recruiter, but the curiosity of understanding what every department does brought him to product marketing as it sits right in the middle of sales, marketing and product.

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