commercetools expansion to Spain

Spain says “hola” to commercetools and welcomes us into the market

commercetools author image Stephanie Wittmann
Stephanie Wittmann
Head of Communications & Content, commercetools
Published 24 January 2022

Our mission at commercetools is to disrupt the digital commerce industry in every corner across the world – and now we’re getting closer than ever to fulfilling that vision by conquering more and more markets. The latest market to welcome commercetools? Only one of the biggest in Europe – we’re excited to now confirm our presence in Spain.

commercetools expansion to Spain

The new team for Spain and Portugal

We found it imperative to assemble a department dedicated to supporting businesses in Spain, as well as Portugal. Leading the team is Enrique Redondo, the newly appointed Sales Director for the Iberian market. He brings more than a decade of experience in strategy and sales management at some of the world's leading technology companies. On commercetools’ entry into Spain, he says:

commercetools is the first and 100% headless commerce solution that responds to consumer demand by allowing companies to have an integrated eCommerce with the best market solutions and reuse existing web developments. In Spain, we already have active customers and a network of trusted technology partners, such as Incentro, AtSistemas, Plexus, DMIC, Accenture, Vass and Google Cloud with whom we have already worked – and the results have been exceptional.
Enrique Redondo

Territory Account Executive Southern Europe, commercetools

Enrique Redondo, along with the rest of his Spanish-speaking team members, will be responsible for leading all customer-facing activities, including partnerships and channels, as well as customer success locally to accelerate growth in Spain and Portugal.

Leroy Merlin Spain helps customers DIY the home of their dreams

In terms of Spanish customers, we've already hit the ground running and have been able to penetrate the market with retailers like Grupo Cione, SEAT/CUPRA (VW Group) and Optica2000. Our latest big win in Spain is Leroy Merlin Spain – a DIY, home-improvement and gardening chain headquartered in Madrid. Across Spain, they have 130 stores and around 18,000 employees.

commercetools captured the attention of Leroy Merlin Spain with how our commerce solution can flexibly respond to new market needs and consumer habits that have been on the rise in recent years in Spain – most notably the increasing acceptance of customers purchasing home and gardening materials online. Now, commercetools powers their in-store experience with a unified commerce platform. Leroy Merlin Spain also benefit from our architecture, which follows MACH (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless) principles that place flexibility, speed and scalability at the forefront.

Additionally, Leroy Merlin Spain values our composable commerce approach thanks to our headless, SaaS software that decouples the frontend customer experience from backend complexities. This allows them to choose from numerous third-party vendors that do one thing, but do that one thing superbly. Due to these factors, Leroy Merlin Spain has been able to take greater control of their commerce platforms, building them with an optimized solution to deliver exceptional shopping experiences for their customers, as well as tailor their digital commerce solutions to match their business goals and needs.

commercetools' Iberian hub in Valencia

Because of the huge interest in commercetools technology to support enterprise-level businesses in Spain and Portugal, it's only natural that we would need people on the ground in the region itself – we’ve always been a customer-first company and we value our close relationships with our customers. That's why we're pleased to announce our plans for opening up an office in Valencia that will serve as a hub for developers and engineers.

In addition to the tech hub we opened in Valencia in November 2021, we at commercetools are also excited about the opportunity to create an additional office there dedicated to sales and support for our customers in Spain and Portugal. We look forward to creating hundreds of jobs in the 'Silicon Valley of the Mediterranean' over the next few years.
Dirk Hoerig

CEO and Co-Founder, commercetools

Not only known for its 2,000-year-old-culture, 300 sunny days per year (!) and first-class universities, Valencia is one of the biggest technology hubs and fastest-growing areas of economic growth, and is sure to attract world-class experts that will continue supporting the needs of our clients in the region.

commercetools author image Stephanie Wittmann
Stephanie Wittmann
Head of Communications & Content, commercetools

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