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JSW One Customer Story

How JSW One launched a B2B solution in one of the world's biggest markets with commercetools.

Customer Possibility Story of how JSW One migrated to the commercetools' solution the scale one of the biggest markets in the world
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Among the leading conglomerates in India, JSW Group is an integral part of the O. P. Jindal Group, and has been a part of major projects that have played a key role in India’s growth. JSW Group's innovative and sustainable ideas cater to their core sectors of steel, energy, cement and infrastructure. From its humble beginnings in steel, the JSW Group has expanded its presence across India, South America, South Africa and Europe. Through its CSR projects, it also continues to participate in and initiate activities that assist in improving areas that lack resources.
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The Challenge

When the business leaders at JSW Group first envisioned the JSW One B2B online commerce platform, they knew they needed a vendor that would meet their business needs in terms of sheer magnitude. Afterall, India is home to 17.7% of the world’s population and an incredibly large market – and JSW One plans to sell their wares all over the country. They required a solution that can scale up as they grow and keep pace with their business progress.

The Solution

The commercetools platform provided the possibility to utilize modular MACH architecture. The easy scalability of the underlying infrastructure was key to create such a big marketplace.

JSW One’s online shop is poised to sell thousands of steel products in countless configurations by weight, grade, and length. Consequently, it is imperative that their commerce platform is flexible and customizable enough to handle such intricate product features, as well as model and pricing structures. Luckily, flexibility, customization, and scalability is in commercetools’ DNA, so we can easily rise to meet such requirements.
Dirk Hoerig

CEO and Co-Founder, commercetools

Why it was a success

The reason behind JSW One’s initial success came down to the impressive collaboration between the implementation partner Royal Cyber and the commercetools professional services team. The commercetools integrations team was instrumental as well with providing support on third-party integration use cases.

JSW One’s B2B online shop is flexible and customizable enough to handle intricate product features, as well as model and pricing structures

commercetools features for JSW One

PIM (Product Information Management)

Configurable information model and variant dimensions.

Commerce in the Cloud

Hosting environments in AWS Cloud enables the business to scale new projects.

100% Headless

Decoupling the backend increased the range of channels and touchpoints presented to customers.

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