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Google Cloud

A partner of Google Cloud since 2016, commercetools leverages Google Cloud to enable instant scalability in order to ensure 100% uptime for its customers’ websites, applications, and commerce experiences.

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Infrastructure Partner Google Cloud Partnership

Google Cloud also allows commercetools to reduce infrastructure costs, free up developers’ time to focus on building new features and products, leverage industry-leading capabilities to differentiate its offering through personalization and efficient work systems and serve even more customers.

About Google Cloud

Google Cloud offers a suite of application and infrastructure modernization, data cloud services, and industry solutions hosted on Google's infrastructure. As the name implies, the Google Cloud platform is a cloud computing platform that provides infrastructure tools and services for users to build applications and services on top of it.

Joining Forces: Why we partner with Google Cloud

While we serve our commerce APIs from Google Cloud, customers also need a cloud to build, run and manage their frontend(s) to customize or extend commercetools, and build/run/manage their own custom microservices. We’ve built out our APIs in the exact same way as if Google Cloud had built out its own APIs and added them to Google Cloud. Data from commercetools is automatically published out to Google Cloud Pub/Sub where it can then be used across the Google Cloud ecosystem. Our patented extensions functionality allows Google Cloud Functions to be injected into our platform. 

Joining forces for cloud-native commerce

Cloud-native infrastructure

We are cloud-native, which means we are in the cloud as a first-class citizen, not simply on the cloud using it only to run compute workloads. Google Cloud Functions can be injected into commercetools by also benefiting from our cloud-agnostic approach. We have built out a full blueprint showing our customers how to fully use Google Cloud’s auto-scale capabilities, making sure in the end, not only use the exact resources they need but also pay only for the exact resources that are being used.

From Google Cloud CDN to Google Cloud Pub/Sub, this blueprint outlines all of the ways that Google Cloud complements commercetools. On top of this, you get direct access to the latest and greatest innovations happening within Google, like Recommendations and Vision AI.

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Key benefits of using Google Cloud + commercetools

  • Free 60-day trial and exclusive pricing offers available via the Google Cloud Marketplace 

  • Any solutions procured through the Google Cloud Marketplace count towards your committed spending with Google Cloud

  • Fast track procurement and fulfillment process with Google Cloud being a merchant of record

  • Inject serverless functions into commercetools

  • Extend and integrate commercetools via events

  • Build your own custom microservices for maximum flexibility

  • Manage your APIs that can power new experiences with Apigee

  • High-availability and zero-latency to your custom apps delivered seamlessly

  • Integrated with the wide range of Google Cloud’s category of services

Google Cloud Customer References

Using commercetools on Google Cloud, Danone has deployed new digital and hybrid commercial models for digital sampling services for healthcare products, subscription services and direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategies for infant nutrition brands.

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The American retailer Ulta Beauty re-architected its infrastructure for greater agility and stability, selecting commercetools on Google Cloud as the technology foundation to enable omnichannel commerce at scale.

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Customer Possibility Story of how Ulta Beauty migrated to a MACH architecture to enhance omnichannel capabilities and consumer experience