Composable commerce delivers tangible results

When you choose to embrace the buy AND build strategy of composable commerce, you get to watch your ROI go up while your TCO goes down. In these uncertain times, it delivers the power businesses need to thrive.

Homegrown stacks can’t deliver future-ready commerce The ability to adapt to change starts with composable commerce

To remain competitive today you need technology in place that allows you to continually meet consumer expectations, embrace growth strategies and adapt to constantly changing world. While in the past, you had to either buy a commerce platform or build one, today, there’s a better option — composable commerce.

Control your commerce future Invest in best-in-class core components. Build features that differentiate your brand.

Instead of taking a homegrown approach, large enterprises like John Lewis & Partners, Express and Bang & Olufsen are capitalizing on the benefits composable commerce delivers. By selecting and implementing SaaS-based core components such as product catalog, cart, checkout and payments to serve as the foundation of their commerce solution, they’re able to focus on creating and delivering experiences that delight their customers. 

More control
Building your own platform doesn’t give you more control, just more work and more problems. With composable, there’s no vendor lock-in, no licensing fees, just limitless possibilities. 

More flexibility
With MACH® architecture you can make changes, update content and add features at any time without risking disrupting day-to-day operations.

More savings
Autoscaling, automatic updates and consumption-based pricing drives higher ROI and lower costs. Then, there’s the fact you never have to replatform again…

More innovation
With flexible, performant, MACH®-based composable commerce, your developers have the time and freedom to turn ideas into reality and experiment without risk.

Composable Deep Dive

Gain confidence composable is the right choice Make the best decision for your business future

In the past, building your ecommerce platform in-house was a viable option, and your tech team may still tell you it’s the way to go. Before you commit to what is sure to be a challenging journey, we encourage you to ask them to identify the clear differentiating benefits of building your own tech solution from scratch.

Four Questions to Ask Your Tech Team

Stand out

“The only reason to build is for differentiation. You shouldn’t be building to build to the standard, you should only be building and modifying your code to differentiate yourself from the competition.”Jon Panella, Group Vice President, Publicis Sapient

Migrating from homegrown to composable commerce Incremental improvements + Incremental innovation delivered

“Performance is one of the key results we’ve seen — almost half the response time from the server side, speed of development has improved, the new components are really fast. Not to have to worry about legacy codes — that’s been pretty significant from a developer perspective.” — Alex Shiferman, Chief Technology Officer,

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