webinar digital transformation in the speed of MACH
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Digital Transformation at the speed of MACH

by Emakina, Google Cloud, Amplience, Fluent Commerce and commercetools

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Microservices, API-driven, Cloud and Headless (MACH) are the core elements of the composable commerce revolution. Having an agile, future proofed commerce solution is critical to remaining competitive as the world rebounds from the pandemic and ecommerce is set to explode over the coming decade.

In this session we’ll be having an open discussion about the impact of a MACH driven architecture and how your brand can use it to realise your business ambitions in 2021.

commercetools’ Sales Director, Nikhil Kulkarni hosts the session joined by a panel of industry experts who will give us a practical understanding of the business benefits of composable commerce and why MACH is fast becoming the driving force behind business transformations. 

Key takeaways:

  • A better understanding about what MACH is and how it ties into a strategy for business growth

  • An overview of the commercetools platform 

  • How Emakina have added value to the platform

  • Examples of user stories/cases 

  • What to consider before you embark on a composable commerce journey – or try to sell this to your C-suite

  • The role of flexible Order Management within a seamless omnichannel experience

About the panelists:

Aytek Ekici, Chief Technology Officer, Emakina MENA

With over 15 years of experience in designing, building, and executing end-to-end integrated digital commerce solutions, Aytek Ekici plays an instrumental role as the CTO of Emakina in the MENA region. From Market Research and Strategy, to building and executing memorable user experiences, he provides digital solutions to clients across all industries, helping them shift their position in the market to grow and succeed.

Adam Sturrock, VP Product Marketing, Amplience

As a founder of Moltin, one of the first headless commerce platforms, Adam Sturrock had to wear many hats over the past 7 years from sales and marketing through to customer success. Adam now heads up the Amplience Product Marketing team, working closely with customers and partners to bring their MACH-based architecture into reality.

Rob Shaw, Managing Director, Fluent Commerce EMEA

Rob is responsible for business and operational management, as well as the regional go-to-market strategy. His focus is on helping retailers in these regions maximise the potential of their stores and fulfillment locations with smart use of inventory, intelligent order management and fulfilment. Rob brings over 20 years’ experience in technology sales, including almost over a decade in fast growing, consumer facing, eCommerce and Customer Experience applications.

Rani Hmayssi, Regional Manager, Google Cloud

Rani Hmayssi is a veteran IT professional with over 20 years of experience. He leads Google Cloud’s retail vertical within the Middle East. Rani helps organizations achieve their digital strategy objectives through the use of cloud technologies at Google. Having helped incubate new businesses within established multinationals like Palo Alto Networks and Cisco Systems, Rani is well recognized for his agility and passion for disruption. He believes that technology is a positive force that helps make the world more fun, productive and adaptive. 

Nikhil Kulkarni, Sales Director, commercetools

Working closely as a trusted advisor to CxO's at commercetools enterprise clients, Nikhil has gained a lot of insight into real world digital transformation challenges. He believes that businesses that digitally transform business processes gain a competitive advantage in the short term, however, businesses that gain digital transformation of their culture sustain this advantage over a longer period. Nikhil is a passionate advocate of composable enterprise underpinned by the MACH principles. He believes in best of breed solutions to drive successful business outcomes.

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