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Don’t be Spooked by Headless Commerce

by Fluent Commerce and commercetools

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The benefits of headless commerce and why it is more important than ever.

The need for flexibility and agility in the retail industry is more necessary than ever. Customer preferences are changing, and as 2020 proved, the ability to quickly adapt and evolve with ever-shifting trends—sometimes within days—was paramount to success. In order to succeed, you need systems that are equally as flexible and agile. But traditional, monolithic platforms are too rigid to adapt as quickly as the consumer demands—and expects.

The solution? Going headless. Headless commerce provides you with the ability to give your customers a variety of shopping experiences and allows you to be flexible as the retail landscape ebbs and flows. With many companies taking a harder look at their tech stack, the time is now to go headless.

Key Takeaways

  • Why headless commerce is so important to today’s modern consumer—and your business

  • The need for flexibility and agility in your tech stack

  •  How to implement a headless commerce approach

  • The benefits of going headless

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About the Speaker

commercetools speaker image Kelly Goetsch
Kelly Goetsch
Chief Strategy Officer, commercetools

Kelly Goetsch is Chief Strategy Officer at commercetools. He came to commercetools from Oracle, where he led product management for their microservices initiatives. Before that, he was an architect with ATG.

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