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Myth or Reality: Composable Only Works for Digitally Mature B2B Firms

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About the Webinar

Embracing the functionality and flexibility of the composable approach

In this webinar, Master B2B co-founders Andy Hoar and Brian Beck challenge Tom Jones, Senior Director of Customer Value at commercetools to bust the myth that the composable commerce approach only works for large organizations. While many leaders believe the composable approach is expensive, requires an army of developers and takes a long time, Tom proves these are all misconceptions.

Key Takeaways

  • Tangible proof that B2B companies with very low digital maturity can embrace and benefit from composable commerce.

  • Case studies featuring firms that have successfully implemented commercetools with only small (3 to 8 people) teams.

  • Statistics that reinforce the value of taking an incremental approach to migration rather than launching a big-bang project.

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