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Myth or reality? The C-suite must have digital experience for eCommerce to be successful

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Uncover the role of digital proficiency in C-suite leadership for B2B commerce

While it's commonly believed that top-tier executives must be digital wizards for eCommerce success, there's more to the story. Sure, digital skills are crucial, but can exceptional leadership make up for a lack of hands-on digital know-how?

Join Andy and Brian as they challenge Tom Jones, Senior Director of Customer Value at commercetools, about the idea that digital expertise at the top is the key to eCommerce glory. Can they win the debate that strong leadership trumps technical expertise?

Key takeaways:

  • Leadership vs. digital skills: Explore if strong leadership can compensate for a lack of digital mastery in eCommerce success.
  • Visionary leadership's impact: Uncover how powerful leadership can drive a team forward even without direct digital experience.
  • Questioning the norm: Dive into a discussion challenging the belief that C-suite digital skills are essential for eCommerce victory.

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