2022 Shopper Experience Report: Retailers & Consumers' Perspectives on Online Shopping

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About the White Paper

The 2022 Shopper Experience Report is based on the latest data and insights, so that you can stay on top of exactly what’s happening in eCommerce. We find out what’s driving spend online and, on the flip side, what’s preventing online purchases. How has the pandemic changed shopper behaviour in the longer term?

We look at the shopper experience in 2022 from both a retailer and consumer perspective, surveying over 2,600 consumers and a range of retailers to find out exactly how online behaviour is changing. What’s important to shoppers? How can retailers engage shoppers at every step of the way?

We look at shifts in consumer behaviour, incentives to shopping online, hurdles for retailers and the overall customer experience – so you know exactly how to strategise and stay ahead.

Key Takeaways

  • What is driving online shopping from a consumer and retailer perspective

  • Learn the key factors that will drive a consumer to shop in-store rather than online

  • Understand the incentives for a consumer to shop online from a consumer and retailer perspective  

  • Learn why consumer abandon carts and how retailers can improve the checkout experience

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