commercetools whitepaper social, enhanced and emerging
White Paper

For retail commerce that's everywhere, you need headless commerce architecture

by Inside Retail & commercetools

commercetools Whitepaper: social, enhanced and emerging

About the White Paper

The future of retail is commerce anywhere and everywhere. Now, customers demand a connected shopping experience.

The modern consumer is bombarded with a plethora of online shopping channels – social commerce, voice commerce and live shopping.

Truly a modern retailer would be able to engage in commerce anywhere and everywhere, with no limitations and boundaries, to engage the modern consumer. And they can with a headless commerce architecture.

Read on as we dive into how new and emerging retail channels reimagine the digital shopping experience for the customer.

Key Takeaways

  • To bring such interactions (and new revenue streams) that use enhanced and emerging technology – like social and voice commerce, and AR – to life, an agile and flexible commerce infrastructure is crucial. 

  • Many retailers struggle with their legacy platforms due to the lack of scalability, which causes website downtime and sluggish performance speeds. 

  • This is catastrophic when introducing new shopping channels. Companies stuck on legacy platforms lose customers to more tech-savvy competitors.


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