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US Fashion Magazine

About the Magazine

Fashion Embraces Digital Commerce

How technology transformed the shopping experience and brought innovative thinking into the fashion retail industry.

“The fashion industry was one of the first to discover that providing playful shopping experiences helps incent sales. Fashion brands are quick to implement any technological advancements into the customer journey that will increase engagement and generate revenue. Where others are still experimenting, the fashion retailer industry is already using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions to learn what resonates with customers.” –  Dirk Hoerig, CEO and Co-Founder, commercetools

The Competitive Advantage of Digital Commerce

In the wake of the onslaught of technological innovations in e commerce commercetools started looking at the trends in the fashion retail industry and how brands are using digital technology to address each one. Whether they want to attract customers by improving their sustainability, offering more personalized services, increasing speed to market or collecting better data — modern technology is making this easier than ever. We talked to brands we’ve helped capitalize on the benefits of headless technology, as well as organizations we’re working with to promote and support digital transformation. Ultimately, our efforts evolved into a full-fledged magazine.

Throughout the magazine, you’ll find insights, ideas, statistics and tangible examples that can provide a better understanding of the critical role modern technology has in ensuring fashion brands can compete in a continually changing world. 

Download the magazine to learn:

  • Why accessories are a perfect fit for eCommerce sales.

  • How brands can capitalize on the power of data even more.

  • Why social commerce is your next sales channel.

  • Great strategies to merge digital technology with the brick-and-mortar experience. 

  • Plus, so much more!


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