white paper commercetools deloitte
White Paper

On the Road to Cross-Border eCommerce

by commercetools and Deloitte Digital

white paper commercetools deloitte

About the White Paper

A guide to global growth with composable commerce and MACH

Cross-border eCommerce is growing faster than ever, as 87% of merchants believe that expanding online sales into foreign markets is one of the biggest growth drivers. 

In the age of demanding consumers and lightning-fast market changes globally, companies need the right eCommerce infrastructure running: Composable commerce and MACH. 

On the Road to Cross-Border eCommerce helps you identify current consumers’ needs and business challenges that impact your international expansion strategy, offering insights on how to select the eCommerce system to support your global aspirations along the way.

Key Takeaways

  • A guide to up-to-date consumer demands that impact your eCommerce international expansions. 

  • Insights on where to expand, eCommerce market entry strategies, localization tips and more. 

  • How to define eCommerce technology requirements with multi-country expansions in mind. 

  • An evolution of eCommerce solution types toward composable commerce and MACH, with inspiring success stories from Audi, Danone and Emma. 

  • A roadmap to help you organize, manage and launch your growth plans beyond your domestic market