Pivotal Trends and Predictions in B2B Digital Commerce in 2024
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Pivotal Trends and Predictions in B2B Digital Commerce in 2024

by commercetools B2B experts

Pivotal Trends and Predictions in B2B Digital Commerce in 2024

About the Whitepaper

2024 trends and predictions for B2B digital commerce 

The B2B eCommerce market may have witnessed a significant surge last year, but meeting buyer expectations remains an ever-shifting target. The gap between what buyers expect and what’s actually delivered has never been wider. 

The inevitable question arises: Will 2024 further amplify or bridge the gap between the demands of B2B buyers and the digital capabilities of B2B organizations? 

To answer this question, the 2024 edition of the report sheds light on how the B2B digital commerce market is evolving. Featuring success stories from a diverse array of B2B organizations, along with interviews with thought leaders, our report provides a comprehensive overview of key trends and predictions for 2024. 

Uncover pragmatic ideas on how to effectively close that gap, now and in the future with our complimentary report!

What’s inside

  • The state of B2B digital commerce, providing an overview of how B2B trendsetters are outperforming competitors.
  • How the B2B buyer is evolving: Insights to close the gap between what customers want and what businesses must deliver.
  • The technology insights that empower B2B firms to outperform competitors, from Generative AI to composable commerce.
  • Success stories and testimonials from B2B leaders, featuring ACE Southern, Loomstate, Tekton, Zoro.com and more.
  • Our top 10 predictions for 2024.
  • Bonus: The B2B Trend Cycle for 2024.

What you’ll learn

GenAI starts translating buzz into B2B reality
“Generative AI (GenAI) captured the zeitgeist trophy of the year, translating into a flurry of innovation and, to a certain extent, hype. GenAI continues to grow as more applications arise every day, this phenomenon being no exception in B2B digital commerce.” 

Customer centricity delivers on short-and long-term goals
“Customer centricity will be the North Star for practitioners to balance long- and short-term goals, effectively closing the gap between what’s expected and what’s delivered in B2B commerce.”

The race to boost digital maturity
“Today’s B2B firms are investing in digital maturity, a measure of an organization’s ability to create value through digital. More than plugging in new technologies, the journey to enhanced digital maturity is the ultimate framework to empower organizations to become customer-centric. Equally important is the correlation between a high level of digital maturity with revenue and growth.” 

The future of B2B commerce: Composable
“Composable technologies will pick up steam in 2024 as many companies start providing pre-composed solutions and leverage low/no-code commerce solutions for business practitioners. Working with implementation partners and accelerators will also help B2B companies with digital commerce implementations.”

A pragmatic route to growth
“Reconciling short-term needs with long-term goals will remain a perennial challenge that can only be overcome by prioritizing practical initiatives that address customer needs as a route for sustainable growth.” 


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