commercetools SAP Hybris Migration White Paper

Quickstart Guide: Migrating off SAP to commercetools

by commercetools

Quickstart Guide: Migrating off SAP to commercetools

About the Guide

Summarizing the re-platforming from SAP to commercetools process

Does migration from your monolithic SAP platform to commercetools sound too complicated? Then this quickstart guide is for you. Here, we’ve distilled the most relevant information for the non-tech audience. We summarize everything from building a migration roadmap to the biggest migration challenges in a way that is concise and easily comprehensible.

Key Takeaways

  • Identify gaps in your existing commerce system.

  • Migration planning and execution in a nutshell.

  • How commercetools compares to SAP.

  • Use case from a customer who migrated from SAP to commercetools.

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