66 North customer story
66°North Customer Story

How 66°North moved to a flexible, microservices-based architecture that saves time and money.

Customer Possibility Story of how the fashion label 66°North moved to a flexible, microservices-based ecommerce
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66°North has provided the Icelandic search and rescue team with protective clothing since 1928. This successful collaboration traces the evolution of outdoor clothing; from anoraks made from oil-borne canvas to the award-winning Snæfell Jacket, made with revolutionary synthetic materials. Today, the company makes functional clothing without compromise for all kinds of outdoor activity. While fishermen’s and workwear clothing is still a fundamental part of the operation, consumers can now purchase from a wide selection of all occassion protective clothing that carries the 66°North label.
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The Challenge

The goal of 66°North was to find a flexible platform which could enable them to scale their business in such a way that they could be iterative. With headless commerce and capabilities of commercetools, 66°North is now in a position where their technology is powering their business ambitions rather than limiting them, as is often the case with large monolithic solutions.

The Solution

66°North began their migration to commercetools at the start of 2020. The launch was a few months later, in September 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, communication and construction took place completely remotely. The current results of the 66° North commerce platform shows that the new architecture is working, with sales developing positively.

We are now saving time and money in eCommerce. We have a lot more design options. And, now our focus is entirely on the shopping experience of our customers.
Matthew Woosley

Global President, 66°North

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Why it was a success

Commercetools transformed the monolithic platform on which the company’s digital systems were set up into a flexible, microservices-based system that was built according to the specific requirements of 66°North.

66° North commerce platform has a positive impact on sales and allows them to entirely focus on the shopping experience of their customers

commercetools features for 66°North

Commerce in the Cloud

A single platform scaled to support a phased global roll-out with localization.

PIM (Product Information Management)

Inventory, pricing and promotions are updated in real-time across all sales channels.

100% Headless

Integration with Checkout.com provides flexible payment options.

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