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Flaconi Possibility Story Styled up: Cloud-native, microservices architecture for Germany’s largest online pure player for beauty

Customer Possibility Story of how  Flaconi, Germany’s largest online pure player for beauty, migrated to a MACH-based digital commerce
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Founded in 2011, flaconi is a leading online store for beauty products in Germany. The online shop offers an extensive selection of beauty products and perfumes, ranging from natural to premium cosmetics, and focuses on the shopping experience and customer needs. In addition to excellent customer service, high-quality design and intuitive shop operation, extensive product information and short delivery times make online shopping easy and convenient.
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The Challenge

The existing legacy architecture based on Magento and individual programming wasn’t able to withstand the strong growth of the company. They needed a new commerce platform that could administer all transactions on flaconi.de, scale without limitations, and offer a first-class mobile user experience.

The Solution

With commercetools, the flaconi platform now has numerous ready-to-use microservices that can be individually combined and expanded, while still easily integrating with existing components via API interfaces. Products and services can be implemented with just a few clicks, accelerating their time-to-market.

What convinced us at commercetools is the fast time-to-market for new features and products that the platform makes possible, the flexible backend, and the scalability. Our developers like to work with it, and its performance and well-developed APIs impress them.
Sven Rosemann

Director Technology, Flaconi

Flaconi customer logo

Why it was a success

The scalable platform based on the commercetools backend will allow flaconi to grow by over 50 percent annually. New functions, shops and business models can be easily tried out and, if necessary, readjusted with ease.

Flaconi's scalable platform based on the commercetools backend supports market growth and can be easily updated

commercetools features for flaconi


Custom digital commerce experience integrates via APIs with Frontastic's adaptable storefronts.

PIM (Product Information Management)

Complex product and category management for 700 different brands and 45,000 items.

100% Headless

Complete flexibility supported by API integrations with Contentful CMS.

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