Chronext customer story
CHRONEXT Customer Story

How CHRONEXT revamped their eCommerce for luxury watches in record time.

Customer Possibility Story of how CHRONEXT developed high-quality digital shop for luxury watches
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CHRONEXT is a global platform for buying and selling luxury watches with a collection of 7,000+ items. Whether new, pre-owned or vintage, CHRONEXT inspects the authenticity of every luxury watch with qualified watchmakers, providing a 24-month warranty for each watch. The company also provides comprehensive before and after sales, including payment processing and logistics.
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The Challenge

Since launching in 2015, CHRONEXT’s eCommerce relied on a monolithic platform with deep dependencies: The storefront was connected with a limited CMS, plus their backend was heavily reliant on Business Intelligence, ERP, PIM and store controlling functions. 

Over time, the legacy platform reached its performance limit, with page load and response time so slow that customers abandoned their carts. Mobile responsiveness was non-existent. Furthermore, the outdated architecture was not designed for innovation, so even small changes required a disproportionate team effort and high costs. 

The company’s storefront and backend needed to do justice to the high-quality luxury timepieces they sell with a fast and top-notch online store.

The Solution

With commercetools Composable Commerce, CHRONEXT developed a brand-new marketplace in just three months, modernizing the CMS, product search and mobile responsiveness. The company also redesigned its web store with commercetools Frontend, refreshing its look and feel, as well as performance with progressive web apps (PWA) as the foundation for higher customer engagement and conversion rates. 

By consolidating its commerce tech stack on commercetools, CHRONEXT aimed at a time-saving and easier-to-operate solution to spike team productivity and efficiency. With a site builder powered by commercetools Frontend, for instance, any department can easily change content on the web store in a jiffy.

People at commercetools Frontend have done the impossible and fulfilled most of our requirements on time. We’re definitely better off with commercetools Frontend than without. It would have taken us years to build a solution like this ourselves.
Emanuel Schleussinger


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Why it was a success

Thanks to commercetools, CHRONEXT created a future-fit foundation to improve storefront performance, with an accelerated site speed performance by 300%, enhanced SEO rankings by 40% and a 10% increase in conversion rate. 

Reaching these metrics was possible because teams could work with fewer dependencies to achieve higher internal efficiencies; Developers’ productivity alone, for instance, increased by 80%. 

With a headless and microservices-based architecture primed for international growth, the luxury watch retailer launched six country storefronts Europe-wide and in Australia like clockwork, building complete localization features without downtime in only eight months.

CHRONEXT's new eCommerce can flexibly adapt to new requirements and offers high quality shopping experinces that meets the high expectations of their clientele

commercetools highlights for CHRONEXT

PIM (Product Information Management)

Inventory, pricing and promotions updates in real-time on the website and app.


Custom digital commerce buying experience with commercetools frontend.

Commerce in the Cloud

Platform stability reduced average visitor bounce rate by 28%.

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