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APG & Co. Customer Story

How APG & Co. found the perfect commerce fit with commercetools Composable Commerce and Frontend

How APG & Co. found the perfect commerce fit with commercetools Composable Commerce and Frontend
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APG & Co. is a prominent player in the Australian fashion industry, housing three iconic fashion brands: Sportscraft, SABA and JAG. With a focus on delivering timeless and high-quality fashion, APG & Co. has established a strong presence in the B2C fashion market. Each brand under the APG & Co. umbrella embodies its unique style and resonates with a diverse range of fashion-forward consumers.
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The Challenge

With APG & Co.'s previous commerce solution, the company lacked the adaptability, scalability and flexibility required to stay competitive in the ever-evolving fashion industry. Additionally, APG & Co. struggled with product launches running behind schedule, slow sprint cycles, high development costs and limited innovation opportunities.

To further complicate matters, the closed ecosystem of its prior legacy platform made it difficult to hire developers familiar with the platform, hindering APG & Co.'s ability to innovate on the frontend experience. High license fees and operational costs also strained resources, impeding the company's growth strategy to expand into new regions.

The Solution

APG & Co. sought a modern, cloud-native composable solution that would offer flexibility, scalability and support for complex commerce strategies to overcome the challenges its previous platform presented. Thus, APG & Co. embarked on a digital transformation journey with commercetools, as suggested by its implementation partner and digital commerce agency Overdose. 

commercetools' Composable Commerce, combined with the digital storefront capabilities of commercetools Frontend, was the perfect fit, and provided APG & Co. with the tools it needed to revamp its online presence. By adopting commercetools, the company could leverage best-of-breed platform services, implement a channel-agnostic PIM solution and ensure operational efficiencies across multiple channels.

When we looked at our objectives and business needs, we did not find a single platform solution that fit the bill. commercetools Composable Commerce offered a solution that met our needs, allowed continuous flexibility for future needs and gave us access to all the best-of-breed platforms for our end-users.
Carina Ton Micheal

Group Head of Technology, APG & Co.

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Why it was a success

During the first few months since moving to commercetools, the APG & Co. team saw a 35% reduction in technology operating costs and a 60% reduction in technical support time.

Thanks to commercetools' composable products, APG & Co.'s business users can effectively merchandise, easily optimize storefronts and drive customer experience improvements without relying heavily on engineering support. Marketing and development teams can now work independently and in parallel, increasing the speed of innovation cycles and responding to market trends with greater agility.

With the composable commerce approach, APG & Co. can easily create personalized shopping experiences and tailor them to specific brands, channels and regions. Live preview capabilities enable marketing and eCommerce teams to visualize changes in real time, improving the speed and accuracy of experience creation.

commercetools features for APG & Co.


Connects different entities (like inventory or price) to a specific source or destination of entities.


Represents and effectively maps the sellable goods in an eCommerce project.


Connects different entities (like inventory or price) to a specific source or destination of entities.

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