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How Cargo Crew tailored their customer experience to boost online revenue by 34%
Cargo Crew Customer Story

How Cargo Crew tailored their customer experience to boost online revenue by 34%

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More than a Modern Uniform supplier, Cargo Crew is a long-term partner for brands, providing uniform collections and curated looks worn by over 65,000 crew members in 80 countries worldwide. Founded in 2002, the Australian family-led company enhances customer experiences for brands with original designs and develops high-performing quality uniform products that are functional, durable, and most importantly, that staff want to wear. Serving a wide range of clients including high-end restaurants like chef Curtis Stone’s Gwen in LA, Australian national retailers Beacon Lighting, as well as The Good Guys and Nando’s, Cargo Crew fulfills each business’ unique uniform requirements and customization needs, building lasting relationships with clients.
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The Challenge

While Cargo Crew’s business success comes from providing tailored, high-quality products paired with exceptional customer service, its legacy eCommerce technology was restricting growth. With the previous commerce platform, Magento 1 (now known as Adobe Commerce) being better suited for traditional eCommerce, Cargo Crew’s complex B2B functionality and portal requirements made it the perfect time for a platform change. Their ambitious growth plans called for a platform that could easily spin up new portals without huge build costs and timelines, as well as the ability to test new features efficiently and scale for multiple markets. 

With the mission to focus on a customer-first approach, and a desire to build and scale the Cargo Crew’s brand in the years to come, the company moved forward with a digital transformation project based on a composable architecture.

The Solution

To launch a best-in-class commerce solution across multiple webshops and locales, Cargo Crew chose the maximum flexibility and scalability of commercetools Composable Commerce for B2B alongside best-of-breed solutions, made possible with the B2B Accelerator by Overdose, a commerce consultancy agency. With such a flexible and scalable solution, Cargo Crew expanded to 30 individual customized websites running on the commercetools platform which supports their B2B, B2B2C and D2C business models. With a cloud-native infrastructure powered by Microsoft Azure, the company can easily handle large amounts of traffic, customers and orders, without compromising on performance or user experience.

The digital-first approach streamlined the complex supply chain processes and facilitated an easy 24/7 ordering of curated uniform ranges, including categories, images, pricing and catalog. The core difference was building the personalization functionality online. In addition, customers can purchase work uniforms in bulk seamlessly and personalize products with embroidery, monograms, emojis and logos.

Migrating to a new cloud infrastructure for composable commerce has had a significant impact on the performance and scalability of our online store and, ultimately, our business success. The freedom to innovate is one of the key benefits we've experienced. With a composable commerce infrastructure, we can experiment with new technologies and features without being limited by the constraints of a monolithic platform. This has allowed us to quickly and easily develop new products, services or features that meet the changing needs of our customers, without having to go through a lengthy development process.
Paul Rodgers

Co-Founder and Operations Director, Cargo Crew

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Why it was a success

Migrating to a composable commerce infrastructure has enabled Cargo Crew to achieve long-term success: The company increased conversion rates by 15% and online revenue by 34%. In addition, the work uniform specialist grew by 10% in transactions and 19% in items ordered. Online now represents 73% of total transactions and 38% of business revenue.

The company was also able to save time and money through automation: An estimated 2,000 hours of customer administration time was saved when compared with manual order processing. Moreover, the leading B2B company reduced 700,000 AUD in raw development costs, representing an economy greater than the total investment in the eCommerce platform.

Beyond the numbers, Cargo Crew has reaped a bounty of benefits with composable commerce. With a flexible and scalable system, the company can innovate and adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs faster, as well as tackle new business opportunities. This has enabled the company to compete with Tier-1 competitors and maintain its leading position in the work uniform market.

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Payment options

Payment options include B2B-specific payment methods and support for custom payment terms, like Net-30.

Bulk ordering

Bulk ordering made easy with multiple sizes available for whole teams.


Ability to personalize the uniform range and merchandise core products with client-specific imagery.

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