Qantas customer story
Qantas Loyalty Customer Story

How Qantas Loyalty easily flew through 2 of the biggest sales days in history with no downtime in sight.

Customer Possibility Story of how Qantas Loyalty Store improved their customer loyalty experience by going with commercetools' microservices-based approach
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Founded in 1920 in outback Queensland, Qantas is now considered Australia’s largest domestic and international airline. Qantas is widely described as the world’s leading long-haul airline and one of the strongest brands in Australia. Qantas Loyalty is an innovative data-led business that drives customer and partner loyalty through its Qantas Frequent Flyer and Qantas Business Rewards programs. Over 12 million members are rewarded with Qantas Points across a range of categories, including travel, financial services, retail, health and wellbeing, food and wine, and small business services.
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The Challenge

For their loyalty program, Qantas needed to increase agility to consolidate their separate market platforms and solutions, leverage new technology, and enable marketplace capability. They also needed to leverage a single platform for all businesses, as well as avoid downtimes at peak loads and reduce the TCO for their overall platforms.

The Solution

Even with the travel industry and the wider Qantas organization continuous struggle with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the stability and flexibility of the microservices architecture of commercetools has enabled the Qantas Loyalty Store to continue to succeed and grow since their go-live in August 2020.

The Qantas Loyalty Store was able to transform their customer loyalty experience by going with commercetools' microservices-based approach. Thanks to this, they easily managed 2 of their largest traffic peaks and their commerce platform is primed to implement even more of Qantas' loyalty brands.
Joshua Emblin

Territory Director APAC, commercetools

Why it was a success

Together with commercetools Qantas worked for 2 years to improve its loyalty store and wider commerce platforms. Thus, the digital store mastered their 2 biggest sales days ever thanks to commercetools' cloud-native solution. As a next step, the Qantas Loyalty Wine Store has been migrated onto the new platform. Work is also underway to optimize backend supplier management systems in order to increase visibility and efficiency of the fulfillment process across their 100+ seller network. This will, in turn, increase the efficiency of onboarding new product lines and suppliers to further drive market growth.

The Qantas Loyalty Store offers improved customer loyalty experiences

commercetools features for Qantas Loyalty


Goods and services are sold using points earned through the loyalty scheme.

Centralized Platform

A single backend commerce platform orchestrates multiple storefronts.


Freedom to deploy new brand storefronts to the existing backend solution.

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