“For us, linking our stores to the online world is of critical strategic importance. With commercetools we can use all product data for all our sales channels.”

Oliver Richter, Director E-Commerce Medimax

Innovation 24/7

The opportunity – and the challenge – for today’s electronics retailers is to continually dazzle and excite as well as educate consumers; through both in-store and online showrooming that ultimately leads to a purchase.

Online, Mobile, Anytime and Anywhere

Today’s customers are accustomed to digitally expanding their world. It’s common practice to compare prices online, watch videos, check online reviews and even social media before purchasing at a brick-and-mortar store. So electronics retailers must create a seamless transition between offline and online; building rich experiences across every touchpoint.

Peak Performance at Peak Times

Directly before major sporting events such as the Super Bowl and the World Cup, and during major consumer shopping seasons like Christmas and Cyber Week, sales of electronic devices spike. It is imperative, therefore, that your commerce platform can handle rapid and somewhat unpredictable traffic spikes.