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Best-in-class commerce that turns consumers into customers

All the components you need to embrace incremental innovation and deliver outstanding shopping experiences that delight customers, driving conversion rates that deliver revenue growth.

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WHY CHOOSE COMPOSABLE COMMERCE FOR B2C Meet your customers wherever they are today, and always be ready for what’s next

In today’s fast-paced world, traditional commerce platforms can’t meet the evolving needs of consumers. With the enhanced flexibility, scalability and performance of commercetools Composable Commerce for B2C, you can adapt and make changes easily and without risk, so you can consistently make your customers happy.

Better experiences for more customers

Make shopping with your brand easier and more engaging by easily powering up remarkable experiences. Empower customers to make purchases, however, whenever and wherever they want.

Better performance for more transactions

Reduce shopper frustration and cart abandonment by eliminating slow page loading, glitches and crashes during both planned shopping events and unplanned traffic spikes.

Smarter Investments for more innovation

Re-direct funds formerly used for maintenance and upgrades to create true omnichannel experiences and build innovative features that differentiate you from your competition.

Our customers are at the core of what we’re doing, so we’d like to focus on building a unique shopping experience. As a scalable cloud solution, commercetools takes care of all the background commerce processes without us having to worry about updates and maintenance.
Ronan Tighe

Chief Product Officer, Moonpig

Moonpig logo
At Sephora, we are constantly focused on delivering best-in-class experiences for our clients, both in our stores as well as online, and are dedicated to meeting their ever-evolving wants and needs. The superior technology and MACH-based architecture commercetools provides are not only incredibly reliable, but they also allow us to scale quickly and efficiently, ensuring our clients are always getting the digital experience they deserve and have come to expect from Sephora.
Sree Sreedhararaj

CTO, Sephora

sephora logo
For us, loyalty is a huge driver. I don't want to have to change my entire tech stack to make effective changes in loyalty because it costs time and effort…to spend a year making a set of changes so that I can enable a new feature within just the loyalty stack — that's a year lost that I can be doing other things to improve marketing initiatives.
Richard Spencer

Chief Information Officer, Belk

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WHAT’S INSIDE Robust components to build and run outstanding shopping experiences

commercetools Composable Commerce for B2C provides powerful components that deliver the flexibility you need to build and future-proof your digital commerce success.

Commerce engine

Everything you need to make the heart of your commerce beat: From cart and checkout optimized for high performance to robust product catalog, pricing and promotions and more.

Omnichannel freedom

Create unique brand experiences across all touchpoints, devices and technologies while streamlining multi-brand/region/channel commerce operations on a single platform.

Flexibility and control

Empower your teams to drive higher sales. Whether it's experimenting with new marketing campaigns or developing new features, our tools make it easy to build and manage great commerce experiences.

WHAT YOU CAN ADD Leverage commercetools to deliver more value

B2C businesses delivering best-in-class shopping experiences

By migrating off its legacy commerce platform and onto a flexible API-first, microservices-led cloud service, John Lewis & Partners gained the flexibility to adapt to consumer behavior and provide customized digital commerce journeys.

Customer Possibility Story of how John Lewis & Partners provide customized digital customer journeys

Switching to commercetools enabled Ulta Beauty to improve its omnichannel capabilities, enhancing the customer experience in new and engaging ways.

Customer Possibility Story of how Ulta Beauty migrated to a MACH architecture to enhance omnichannel capabilities and consumer experience

Embracing composable commerce makes it easy for flaconi to add new functions and shops, run A/B testing easily, experiment with new storefronts and, if necessary, readjust and adapt with ease to meet customers’ demands.

Customer Possibility Story of how  Flaconi, Germany’s largest online pure player for beauty, migrated to a MACH-based digital commerce