B2B Paradigm Combine Enterprise 2023
Analyst Report

Paradigm B2B Combine 2023 Digital Commerce Solutions: Enterprise Edition

Paradigm B2B Combine 2023 Digital Commerce Solutions: Enterprise Edition

About the Report

commercetools awarded an industry-leading 8 gold medals 

“A well-supported and flexible B2B eCommerce solution that offers an array of APIs from which a capable development team can efficiently and cost-effectively build compelling commerce experiences.” — The Paradigm B2B Combine (Enterprise Edition)

As B2B enterprises increasingly see the value of delivering personalized, omnichannel and frictionless digital commerce experiences, how can they find and select the right B2B commerce platform to meet those needs? The Paradigm B2B Combine Digital Solutions report provides a detailed analysis that helps technology buyers at large B2B firms make informed decisions without having to spend months on research. 

This independent report evaluates top vendors across 12 categories encompassing strategic pillars and product capabilities. The vendors within each category are recognized with a gold, silver or bronze medal. 

In the 2023 Enterprise edition, commercetools Composable Commerce for B2B set a new standard of gold medals ever awarded with 8 wins. With 11 medal-winning accolades in total, commercetools is recognized for its flexibility and extensibility, robust pricing and promotions capability, extensive set of APIs, strong quoting and pricing functions, and more. 

Download the report and discover how commercetools performs in each category.

What’s inside:

  • Detailed information on the categories, scoring criteria and methodology. 

  • Individual vendor analysis with a detailed breakdown of strengths and weaknesses. 

  • An analysis of commercetools’ capabilities across strategic pillars and product capabilities for B2B firms. 


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