“We are convinced that a sustainable commercial strategy cannot just
consist of an online store, For example, we want to enable digital
shopping at the POS and offer digital interfaces to employees on site and
don’t just view the computer or the smartphone as the sole user interface.
This is precisely where the added value of commercetools comes in.“

Oliver Breitfeld, Director of E-Commerce Dodenhof

Digitizing the Point of Sale

With the digitization of the POS, the connection between the in-store system and the online option has come full circle: On-site employees know their customers and what they need and want. Customers can go into the store and try on the articles selected online. This opens the door for associates to provide targeted,  personalized advice: the foundation for a long, close customer relationship.

Create Experiences and Inspire

The days when it was enough just to publish product information online or to fill the shelves in the store purposefully but unimaginatively are over. Instead, creativity is required. Customers want inspiration. Customers want experiences. Customers like to be treated like a VIP and be given personal advice. This creates customer loyalty.

Individual Advice at the Highest Level

Clienteling or InStore apps turn salespeople into true brand ambassadors. They not only view the order history and receive automatic product recommendations, but they can help customers in-store buy something that is not in stock at that location.