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Convenience is key for shoppers choosing grocery and food eCommerce options

Modern commerce tools enable grocery stores and food providers to streamline internal processes, improve efficiencies and drive growth by effectively satisfying the consumers’ desire for fast, easy services.

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Win loyalty and new customers by embracing eCommerce

As more and more consumers embrace the convenience of eCommerce grocery stores, grocers and specialty food retailers are putting a strong focus on their digital strategy.

Smart shopping, even smarter delivery

commercetools provides the tools and features you need to ensure the accuracy and speed of every customer orders. From auto-scaling to catalog management, it makes managing pick-up and delivery easy as pie.

Maximum control throughout the customer journey

Whether it’s offering recipes with the “add to shopping cart” option, promoting dishes or providing individual promotions on preferred products, you can easily experiment with new features and functionalities to continually improve the customer experience.

Create online encounters that align with your in-store experience

Headless, API-first commerce means you can manage product information, pricing, pickup and delivery options, alter menus and promotions, and add recipe suggestions to the digital experience. Make changes on the fly and without disruption, and ensure a seamless experience across all your channels.

Easily integrate new business models to serve more customers

Diversify your food delivery business by offering new shopping options like "Click and Collect" or curbside pickup. With commercetools, you can pivot quickly at any time to respond to new trends or changes in the market or consumer behavior.

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25% of our orders now come through our site – and the average value of each online order is higher. Customers are telling us that for the first time in their interaction with Dawn they can see the entire portfolio of products. We keep hearing, "We didn’t know Dawn carried “that”’ product. We were getting it from another vendor!
Gireesh Sahukar

Vice President of Digital, Dawn Foods

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Improved inventory management, increased customer satisfaction

To maintain real-time inventory you need fast, flexible software. commercetools provides a product catalog solution that seamlessly updates information across all channels. Never again will inaccurate information create fulfillment delays that disappoint customers.

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commercetools features for Food & Grocery

Flexible Data Model

With commercetools, you have the power to gain control over your customer data. Using data to deliver customized profiles with saved information about dietary restrictions, food allergies, favored brands, organic preferences and more, improves the eCommerce shopping experience and creates more loyal customers.

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Headless Commerce

Separate your frontend from your backend to maximize flexibility, speed, and performance in your commerce touchpoints, leading to seamless, disruption-free experiences.

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commercetools fast, resilient cloud solution ensures you can continually deliver premium online experiences to your customers while providing the freedom to develop individual functionalities, and the scalability you need to keep pace as your online business grows.

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