“We are delighted that our retailers are now able to order from our online shop in a convenient and user-friendly manner, enabling us to improve our ordering processes substantially.”

Sven Vaders, Boxine’s Head of Marketing for the Tonies brand

Digitization as a Driver in the Toy Market

Toy stores are turning into digital showrooms. Teddy bears make room for racing drones. Smartphone displays become the face of toy robots. Digitization is opening up new opportunities in the toy market: The toys are becoming digital, their features are increasingly sophisticated, and prices are rising. Suppliers must, therefore, continue to develop and invest in digital services to attract and retain buyers.

Renting Instead of Buying

Whether it’s a car, a TV, an evening dress or a drill, renting is becoming an accepted alternative to the traditional purchase in the consumer goods market – for one-time use or longer. Children’s toys are a prime example. Why buy toys when the child outgrows them so quickly? Retailers and brands are developing new, innovative business models to capitalize on this growing trend.