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How Vision Healthcare re-energized omnichannel commerce across 75 brands to revolutionize personal health and well-being

How Vision Healthcare re-energized omnichannel commerce across 75 brands to revolutionize personal health and well-being
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Vision Healthcare is a leading European consumer healthcare platform. With a digital-first omnichannel platform, the fast-growing company creates direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands that empower people to enhance their personal health and well-being. With 75 brands launched so far, including the well-established Flinndal in the Netherlands, Vision Healthcare offers nutritional supplements and personal care services for shoppers Europe-wide.
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The Challenge

With 75 D2C brands across 44 markets under one roof, the need for Vision Healthcare to offer omnichannel experiences was imperative. The company aimed to reach customers through various channels seamlessly, including webshops, marketplaces, catalogs and telemarketing, with a platform that could keep up the pace of new touchpoints now and in the future. 

However, Vision Healthcare relied on an open-source solution built in-house that required time-consuming customizations to address its goals and needs. As the company also hosted the platform on an on-premise solution, scaling digital commerce uptime to meet the growing customer demand became increasingly difficult. 

With a staggering growth of up to 25,000 transactions per day, Vision Healthcare needed a flexible solution to scale eCommerce performance and power omnichannel interactions while keeping a high level of control across all of its brands. 

The Solution

The move to commercetools Composable Commerce powered by MACH® architecture was instrumental for Vision Healthcare to unify the tech stack across all brands and take advantage of best-of-breed solutions. 

For Vision Healthcare, the best-of-breed approach is a cornerstone of its strategy, as it enables the company to leverage the building blocks that best fit its requirements and create a customized commerce ecosystem. For example, during the replatforming process, the company opted for a CMS system that didn’t work well within its tech stack. The best-of-breed approach made it possible to swap the CMS with another provider seamlessly, further proving that composable was the right solution for the company. 

During the four-month implementation from signature to production, Vision Healthcare integrated independent components forming a stack built on performant GraphQL, including commercetools Composable Commerce, as well as Hygraph for CMS, Adyen for payments, Algolia for search and Next.js for frontend. Furthermore, the company replaced its on-premise IT infrastructure with cloud-native architecture powered by Google Cloud

Composable proved that companies with unique requirements like Vision Healthcare can get the best mix of best-of-breed components and in-house capabilities that create the omnichannel experiences our customers look for. The flexibility is amazing and so is the scalability we get with cloud-native architecture. With best-of-breed and cloud-native combined, we can focus on the customer experience instead of the nitty-gritty of IT infrastructure. In other words, we can revolutionize consumer healthcare, innovate faster and focus on growth!
Diederik Oostburg

Director of Information Technology, Vision Healthcare

Why it was a success

With a composable commerce platform in place, Vision Healthcare is well-positioned to meet the omnichannel demands of its customers at scale, integrating new channels as soon as they arise. Now, the company can update content and replace eCommerce components whenever needed and benefit from a flexible and agile infrastructure that allows the company to grow without the hassle of time-consuming customizations or the high costs of internal infrastructure. 

Furthermore, the cloud-native architecture powered by commercetools and Google Cloud allows Vision Healthcare to scale its business seamlessly without on-premise IT maintenance: Tech teams no longer worry about uptime, maintenance or back-ups. The infrastructure can auto-scale to meet customer demand, so the company no longer overspends on excess server capacity. 

Composable commerce also enabled the company to implement engaging customer experiences to boost growth, such as a club membership that offers special pricing, discounts and favorable shipping options for loyal customers paying a yearly fee. The D2C healthcare specialist also launched 16 new websites, all seamlessly integrated into its tech stack. 

Vision Healthcare is re-energized with future possibilities to further optimize customer experiences, such as adding a subscription model to various webshops for customers to get automatic restocks of supplements at their preferred intervals. And, most importantly, the company has the freedom to expand to new markets and business models, as well as integrate engaging channels and promotional ideas, all with unlimited flexibility and infinite scale thanks to composable commerce. 

Vision Healthcare commerce platform

commercetools features for Vision Healthcare

Promotion engine

Ability to apply discounts for products and carts that help the company increase conversions.


Can easily add new products and variants, as well as manage pricing and tax across multiple brands and countries.

Business modeling

A flexible data model that enables the company to localize content, stores and distribution channels seamlessly.

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