Berlin Brands customer story
Customer Possibility Story of how Berlin Brands Group chose a best-of-breed composable architecture to create unique shopping experiences
Berlin Brands Group Customer Story

How Berlin Brand Group is launching unique and custom web shops for brands across Europe in a phased roll-out.

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Berlin Brands Group is an international eCommerce company in the D2C sector which offers 14 of their own brands across product categories that include home and living, consumer electronics, sound and light, and sports. Founded in 2005 by Peter Chaljawski, the Berlin-based company manages the brand development and multi-channel sales of more than 3,000 products in 28 countries worldwide.
Brands in 10 Countries
Webshops Planned
Months to Full Go-Live
  • B2C
  • Retail
  • OXID
  • EMEA

The Challenge

Berlin Brands Group is a conglomerate of brands, each of which require a unique look and feel for their web shops. They plan to add additional web shops and launching sites in different geographies across the EU. They needed a cloud-native, robust and scalable platform that can support their business, and their long-term growth.

Berlin Brands Group has multiple brands under one roof and sells a large catalog of products in several European countries. Choosing a best-of-breed composable architecture with a powerful API platform underneath from commercetools was the only answer. Now they can tailor each of their brands' web presences to be distinct and add multiple currencies and languages to their online stores seamlessly.
Hauke Rahm

VP Customer Success, commercetools

The Solution

To ensure they can meet their goals, Berlin Brands Group found a system integrator to suit their needs, partnered with commercetools and is now in the process of building up an internal IT team. Once in place, the company will migrate existing brands to the commercetools platform and be able to easily add customized websites, and tailor them to individual markets.

Why it was a success

Their MVP’s go-live with a small web shop was successful which gave Berlin Brands Group the confidence to migrate more of their brands to the commercetools platform. This is thanks to their highly evolved technical team, as well as the skillful collaboration between their implementation partner and the commercetools professional services team.

BBG's best-of-breed commerce architecture allows them to tailor each of their brands' web presences according to their style and context

commercetools features for Berlin Brands Group

PIM (Product Information Management)

Flexibility to experiment with complex product types, bundles and promotions.

100% Headless

Single backend with unique storefronts for each brand with Frontastic.

Commerce in the Cloud

Single platform scales supporting a phased roll-out across a range of different brands.

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